This Thursday in the Group Class:

Vowels Baby, Vowels: Where Your Singing Voice Soars. 

Singing (unlike beatboxing) revolves around vowels. Listen to any singer, and pay very close attention to how long they sing a vowel vs consonant. What makes vowels so important in singing? How are vowels created? All this and more in the group class this week 🙂  

When You Feel Like Your Singing is "Caught in Your Throat" just might be the lack of  vowels. 

Consonants general constrict your throat. This isn't a big deal when you are speaking because your vocal folds don't need too much room to move and you don't need to speak on a defined pitch. When you want to sing a clear melody with an open throat, the vowels are generally WAY easier to sing on than consonants...particularly the higher and softer you need to sing. So check out the class! It's start at 7:30pm this Thursday 🙂   and don't worry, you don't have to sing 😉 we'll be applying the various exercises to spoken sounds, right where it's comfortable for you. 

What Are Your Unique Breathing Habits When You Sing?

Let's Find Out Together!   

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