This Thursday in the Group Class:

Head Voice, Chest Voice, What They Are, How They Work and Why it Matters 

Do you ever wonder why some people have powerful voices that are sometimes brash sounding, and other people have soft, delicate voices that have a hard time getting loud? Is it just "their voice"? 
In this group class, we'll be getting to know what are the sound differences between head voice and chest voice and how each person has their own unique habits when it comes to which part of the voice they tend to "default" to when they sing. If you want to bring new power and substance to your middle range, have an easier time speaking loudly in a crowd, sing more powerfully etc. it's really helpful to get to know the differences between parts of your voice. Likewise, if you want to be able to sing high, soft and pure-sounding angelic notes, those are only possible in certain parts of the voice. By getting to know the ideal vowels, volumes and breathing techniques for the different parts of the voice you can really expand what your voice is capable of. 

When Would You Want to Work With Head Voice and Chest Voice?                                         

Getting to know the difference between head voice and chest voice is super helpful when it comes to expanding the range of volumes you can sing at, expanding your range higher or lower, expanding the variety of sounds you bring to a single note, speaking softly and loudly in a healthy way, the list goes on!  So check out the class! It's starts at 7:30pm Thursday 😀  and don't worry, you don't have to sing 😉 we'll be applying the various exercises to spoken sounds, right where it's comfortable for you. 

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What Are Your Unique Breathing Habits When You Sing?

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