Hi, I'm Chris,

 I help adult beginners have an absolute blast playing piano. 

Can you really learn to play a song on piano without endless hours of practice? Here's the truth. 

Welp, that depends. First: do you know how to type on a computer keyboard? There are over 100 buttons on the computer keyboard! What about piano? How many keys would you need to know and play to play a song? 1000 keys? 88 keys? Nope. The MAX you would need to learn to play a song by say, Adele, would be...drumroll please...TWELVE. Twelve buttons. Yes, you heard that right. If you can type on a keyboard with 100+ keys,  you can play a basic song on piano that only requires twelve. And it'll be way more fun than typing. 

Are you too old to learn? 

Welp, that also depends. As long as you can see and type, you can play the piano. But maybe not clarinet. Let me explain: I had my first clarinet lesson, where I had to hold my mouth in this super tight and awkward position, then hold down what felt like 8 different buttons, then push out all this air to achieve one sad, bad sounding note.  Although I was only 15 years old, I said to myself: "I'm just too old for this long and horrible process". 

Meanwhile, I went home and with the simplicity of pressing a button, could play a sound on piano. Yay! 

Will it be boring? 

Typical piano lessons? Yes quite boring. This class is different because we do the opposite of boring: we create variations in how we play on day one. Even just playing 3 notes can be played in all kinds of ways: sadly, quickly, loudly, softly. You'll start applying creativity right away, instead of toiling away on some boring exercise. 

Joseph H.  
I've enjoyed learning the keys! 

Chris’ Adult Beginner Piano Lessons AND his singing lessons are incredible.

I have never played piano, and within the first five minutes I was comfortable, curious, exploring and having fun. The class was sweet, relaxing, and groovy, and by the end of my first class I was jamming with three other people, making musical jokes, and exploring this wonderful instrument at my own pace.

An incredible experience, and as a teacher myself, a masterclass in how to teach a scared student. Highly recommend to anyone with a love of music, especially if you have any fear getting started with piano. Chris makes it a joy.

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  • Learn how to read your first line of sheet music with 1-on-1 time with me (it's easier than you think!)) 
  • Get relaxed at the piano  
  • Lose yourself in the music  with easy low-stakes community playing 

What Attendees Have to Say About the Adult Beginner Piano Class 

Patrick U.
Pleasantly surprised that I was immediately able to start playing piano!
“I expected that I would first have to listen to an introduction lecture, but was pleasantly surprised that I was immediately able to start paying piano! 

ana O. 
"I felt like I was in the right environment to begin learning."

"Knowing this specific class with you was for adults on my level was a big relief and helped me have more courage to finally take my first piano class! It was fun, I liked that it was informative but not very strict/serious, with lots of time for playing around and experimenting so learning piano doesn't lose creativity in the process. Just seeing the other students having fun and being beginners like me helped me relax as I felt like I was in the right environment to begin learning." 

sonia T. 
I most enjoyed learning at my own pace!

I was expecting to be really confused at first, but surprisingly it makes sense! I most enjoyed learning at my own pace while having instruction, getting to practice on my own, in class, with book and piano!

From "too old to learn" to looking forward to lessons every week! 


I look forward to my piano class every week!  :) 

I’ve always loved the piano, and I'm glad I am able to take lessons as an adult! I did think I was maybe too old to learn, but Chris is very calming and patient with me and I appreciate that, I've enjoyed learning the keys and look forward to my piano class every week!"

 Corina C.  

The SynergisticSinging Secret Sauce 

What’s the secret sauce? How are Lessons &  the Adult Piano Class with Chris different? 

You’ll learn in a way that uses the power of play, backed by neuroscience, to help you learn more easily and have more fun…for example…

Where-as typical lessons will have you play the same thing over and over again, like hearing the same song so many times you’re tired of hearing it, the adult piano class you’ll apply your own creativity and variations, so that you hear something, or feel something new with every rep. 

Where typical lessons guilt/cajole you into practice between lessons, the Adult Piano Class will go through a discovery process, to see what songs, what sounds, what aspects of music and piano playing really fire you up. As a singer, my favorite singers super inspired me to sing, so when I went to piano, I was surprised that my teacher never asked me how what I was learning made me feel. If you’re doing math drills, you don’t need to feel emotion from them…but if you’re learning a song?!  Hell yeah. Music is all about that feeling. 

Typical piano lessons are sheet music focused, which means that if you ever have a friend who plays guitar, and wants you to play piano with her, you’ll be lost. With the Adult Piano Class and lessons, you’ll learn both the power of playing through sheet music, and throwing out the sheet music and playing with others, from day one. The good news is when you learn both, you’ll be better at playing by heart, but also from the heart.

Okay but I don’t have a piano...

The SynergisticStudio rents out keyboards at a  low rate per month, so you don’t have to wait to get a keyboard before you can start going for your piano playing dreams.  Just contact Chris below and you can get set up. Although practice is not expected between classes (because what you’ll learn will be remembered the next class) you’re gonna wanna play at home most likely. It's just too tough to keep your hands out of that music cookie jar, ya know? ;) 

 Bring the PLAY Back Into Learning   


Brought the "Play" Back Into Learning to Play! 

This was the first time that piano lessons actually made sense to me! Chris walked me through the fundamentals in way that left the feeling like I actually had a relationship with the piano, that I could express myself through it with ease and brought the "play" back into learning to play. I've always felt self-conscious and shy about musical self-expression but Chris creates a gentle, warm, encouraging and deeply accepting environment that allowed my spirit to flourish. He's an exceptional teacher and it's an honor & pleasure to get to learn from him.

 Yvette E. 

Fun Piano Lessons for Older Beginners

No Background in Music? Doesn't Matter...

You'll learn ALL of your music in your lesson each week, so when you go home, you'll enjoy playing what you've already learned, rather than trying to fit "home practice" into your schedule, you'll find yourself having to stop yourself from playing for fun at home!  

Down-to-Earth Classes that 

Using methods that focus on real-life piano skills, you'll be able to not just read music, but play with others, create your own music and lose track of time enjoying music in a much more hands-on-way. 

Build a Foundation for Playing with Others

If you've always dreamed of jamming out with friends, but never had the skills, this class is for you! You'll build the confidence and ease to not only play from sheet music, but improvise on your own, so that you can play with others, branch out to singing or other instruments, or play and sing. If you're already a singer/songwriter but wish you communicate through the language of music more, this is your class! 

Piano Lessons Designed with Adult Beginners in Mind...

If You've Never Had Lessons Before...

You'll be able to start from scratch, learning a couple simple songs within just a couple lessons! As a self-taught piano player that later took lessons and classes in college, I saw the disparity between how I naturally learned piano, and how it was taught. So in piano lessons, you'll skip the long lecture on jargon and get right to playing. As you build up your skills, concepts will make so much more sense because you've already played songs where you can see the concepts in action.

If You're Not Sure You'll Actually Practice Enough to Make Progress... 

Piano lessons with Chris are designed to get you A TON of practice within the lesson. So you don't practice at home, you PLAY!  

If You Are Self-Taught or  You've Taken a Few Lessons Before...

You'll find a refreshing hybrid of independence and guidance within lessons.  Having been self-taught and later taken piano lessons and college classes, Chris saw the benefits and drawbacks of self-taught piano...and lessons/classes. Assembling the best of both worlds, piano lessons with Chris create the right balance of independence and guidance so that you progress faster and more enjoyably in your piano playing than you would on your own or with typical piano lessons.

Group Classes Give You an Instant Group of Music Friends + Play Songs You Know 

Like group exercise classes, where you get to join others, Synergistic Piano classes gives you the best of 1-on-1 and group: You'll get individualized attention within every class, but also have opportunities to play with others. Here's a sneak peak! 

You'll Get Enough Practice in Classes Alone, to Be Able to Play Piano 

The way most people experience their first music lessons goes a little something like this: they are taught how to do something, then they have to go home and practice it, then come back and show the teacher that they "can do it". With Synergistic Piano Lessons, you learn and  practice and  play in class. So when you go home, you enjoy what you've already learned! 

 You'll Enjoy the Class Super-Duper-Way-More than Scrolling

So why not give it a go?  The only real risk is you might have a blast and realize you need more fun, creativity and music in your life. 

Fast & Fun Progress 


I'm already seeing significant improvements in voice AND piano!

Chris is an awesome teacher! He is super kind and super funny. I have no previous experience, and with only two months of lessons I already see significant improvement in my voice/piano skills! Definitely recommend doing both piano and vocal lessons simultaneously. Come to Chris, I promise you won’t regret it!

Jordan G 


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Piano Lessons? Really? Why not just YouTube it?

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"Always Surprised by How Happy I Feel"


I started the piano class with no expectations but I'm always surprised by how happy I feel by the end of class, and have most enjoyed the community playing!

 Megan S. 


Text  ? Chris for the Free Class 

 @ 512-814-8932 

  • 512-814-8932
  • chris@synergisticsinging.com
  • Synergistic Singing, Plaza Cortez #201, 13276 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78750

Designed with the Singer/Songwriter in Mind... 


Piano Lessons have been a great experience! 

I have greatly enjoyed both singing and piano lessons from Chris. I began with only voice lessons initially, but decided to add on piano to our time as well and I'm so glad I did! The piano lessons have really complimented my vocal pursuits and allowed me to visualize and contextualize the vocal exercises in a way that I would not be able to do without the keyboard. Chris is always kind and easy to communicate with. Through vocal and piano lessons he's helped me accomplish my goal of becoming a better singer/songwriter. Synergistic Singing & Piano Lessons has been a great experience!

 John Taylor, Singer/songwriter 

 Piano Classes Are For You If...

Synergistic Piano Lessons Are Designed to Get Fast, Fun Progress, Accompany Yourself Singing, or Get Ready to Play with Others.

You Are an Older Beginner...

Piano lessons at SynergisticSinging are designed with older beginners in mind. 

You're Just Starting Piano...

Piano Lessons are designed for beginners with less than a year of piano experience. 

You want to play with others...

Piano lessons at SynergisticSinging are designed with collaboration in mind, so if you've always wanted to experience the connection, playfulness and joy of playing with others, there is no better starting point.

"Positive and Wonderfully Encouraging"  


Lynne R.  

Medical Industry 

I've had 3  instructors and the others don't even come close to Chris,

Chris is very positive, wonderfully encouraging, truly-genuinely loves music, and sharing his skills with others so they can enjoy music! I've had 3 instructors and the others don't even come close to Chris, his techniques, his depth of knowledge, and kindness. He is technically proficient which expands his abilities to provide lessons even from a distance. He's the best!!

 If You Want Your Life to Be Serious, Stressful and Boring, Make Sure NOT to Sign Up Below. 

If you need a strict teacher to yell at you and guilt you for not practicing, I really don't recommend signing up. You'll be super disappointed. 


How do I sign up for the Adult Piano Class?

First you’ll subscribe below, so you can get your 50% off first lesson, then you’ll reach out to Chris by contacting below. You’ll have a 1-on-1 with Chris @ 50% off to make sure the class would be a good fit for you, then get you set up during that first lesson. 

Do I have to buy a keyboard before I can start?  

You won’t need to buy a keyboard before you can start, or need to bring a keyboard, that will be provided in class, you can also rent a keyboard to play at home, which we can get set up on the first lesson.  

What's the price per month for the Adult Piano Class? 

The Adult Piano Class is $157 per month, for lessons you can contact Chris for more info.

How long is the class/when is it?  

The class is 1 hour, with a weekday/weekend options that we’ll schedule during the first lesson.

Is it an ongoing class or a set of classes?

You'll sign up for a semester, which is typically about 3 months...although you might love the class so much you won't want to quit after 3 months, so many students stick to ongoing classes from there. 

I’ve never taken lessons before, will this class still work for me?

Yes! The class is designed for absolute beginners.

What if I’ve taken lessons before, will this class be “too easy”?  

The class is designed with optional advanced variations for more experienced students so you’ll definitely get a slice of humble pie if that’s what you’re looking for ;)

 Is the class online or in-person? 

The class is exclusively offered in-person.  

Catharine S.  

News Photographer 

Attentive, inspiring and supportive! 

Chris is not your average music teacher. He has a real gift for teaching and an obvious calling to help people. It’s not his “day job.” During every lesson he is attentive, inspiring and supportive. And it seems like he knows what motivational issue I am having before I do. I’ve seen a lot of music teachers (mine and my kids’) and he is truly amazing.

The Synergistic Studio is in Northwest Austin 

Text  ? Chris for the Free Class 

 @ 512-814-8932 

  • 512-814-8932
  • chris@synergisticsinging.com
  • Synergistic Singing, Austin, TX

Alright, Out With It! 

You had ALL of these chances to sign up, so here's the deal, you can sign up below, or  tell Chris what's up, what's holding you back from your musical dreams?