Why Take Piano Lessons as An Adult? Why Not Just YouTube it? 

You know you can learn how to play piano with an online course or some youtube videos, right? 

Yeah…so why aren’t you? Why go through the trouble to show up at the Adult Piano Class and play? 

You may think you want to learn piano. If it was just about learning piano, then you’d already be practicing on youtube by now. 

But it's not. 

Think about it: you learn something on piano, you don’t know if you did it right, you don’t know where to start, you don’t know what you don’t know…

Now let’s say you push through all of that and learn some stuff on piano anyway, then there’s this other thing: 

You’re playing by yourself. Music these days requires no human connection. Which also means that learning music, by yourself, will feel similar to the rest of your experiences with music. 

And music made with a teacher, or with others, can’t be replaced by an app. In fact, making music together is the highlight of many people’s entire lives. It’s why concerts are still a thing, its why Meetup.com exists, we ultimately want to share our musical discoveries, process, creations with others. Zoom is great, but you probably know by now, it's not enough. 

The experience of someone seeing how you’ve grown, as a musician, a person, a piano player, a songwriter…feels GREAT.   

And then there’s this other, deeper thing: 

You may learn how to play piano,  but have you learned how to PLAY

In other words, do you know how to enjoy the process of learning? Do you know that learning can be filled with joy? Wonder? Freedom? Surprise? 

So yes, of course, you can come to a piano class and learn something on piano. For sure. However, you’ll also learn how to hear music, hear a song, that you’ve technically heard before, but not in full color. Not with your senses sensitized to sound (ooo alliterations are fun!). 

You’ll also learn how to let fun, ease and enjoyment lead you and motivate you through the learning process. 

You’ll also learn how something super simple and not very interesting that you learned on your own, suddenly takes a life of its own the moment you have that series of keys you played become part of a group piece.  

If that sounds good to you, then you can sign up for a free Adult Beginner Piano Class Here. 

What Attendees Have to Say About the Adult Beginner Piano Class 

I’ve always loved the piano, and I'm glad I am able to take lessons as an adult! I did think I was maybe too old to learn, but Chris is very calming and patient with me and I appreciate that, I've enjoyed learning the keys and look forward to my piano class every week!"

Carmen C. ‧ 

What a fun and exciting way to learn piano! I have always loved the piano and was worried I would become disenchanted if I became frustrated by piano lessons. Christopher makes learning piano fun and engaging and is enhancing my love of the piano. Christopher is very professional and so compassionate. I was nervous going into the process but found I was quickly engaged and comforted by his expertise and gentle guidance. If you're thinking about piano lessons, Christopher is an excellent choice and you'll be so pleased you chose to work with him!

Russell K. ‧ 

This was the first time that piano lessons actually made sense to me! Chris walked me through the fundamentals in way that left the feeling like I actually had a relationship with the piano, that I could express myself through it with ease and brought the "play" back into learning to play. I've always felt self-conscious and shy about musical self-expression but Chris creates a gentle, warm, encouraging and deeply accepting environment that allowed my spirit to flourish. He's an exceptional teacher and it's an honor & pleasure to get to learn from him.

Yvette E. ‧ 

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