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Singing From Scratch Class!

Austin's First Beginner Friendly Singing Class for Adults Wednesdays @ 7:30pm for 30min*

*May sometimes be on other days/times, check the blog for regular updates​

Break through fear and doubt about your voice by knowing exactly where to start and what to work on first. No special prior skills or talent required.

Build the skills to finally feel confident enough to sing "Happy Birthday" and not even break a sweat.

Get to know your voice in a fun and encouraging environment that welcomes all skill levels of singing (but especially beginners 😉

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Comfortable from the very first lesson…

Chris is wonderful with my daughter. I presented him with a list of issues she was having, and he had a structured lesson tailored to her needs ready the very first lesson. He has a way of making students feel comfortable from the very first lesson. I would highly recommend him!! Rachel M.

Learn How To Sing Without Singing

FAQ: What if I'm terrified to sing in front of other people?! 

If that's so, then I've got more than good news for you: the breathing and vocal techniques we cover not only help you with singing, but nearly ALL sounds the human voice can make. That means we can practice the techniques with your speaking voice, right where it's comfortable for you! 

Yes, You Can TOTALLY Learn How to Sing, Even If You're Starting from Scratch 

If you're like a lot of beginning singers, you may be wondering if you need to have a certain amount of natural ability before you can learn how to sing. You can absolutely learn how to sing, even if you're starting from scratch! I started singing with absolutely zero natural singing ability, but an unshakeable curiosity about the human voice, a burning fire to express myself and a completely open mind.  Read more...

I wasn’t sure if lessons would even make a difference..

“I can’t speak highly enough of Chris. He has far exceeded my expectations as a vocal coach. Before I met Chris I was skeptical that I could even become a better singer. I wasn’t sure if lessons would even make a difference. After a couple months of taking lessons with Chris, I can honestly say that I have noticed significant improvement in my singing. He has helped me to have better control over my voice through fun and engaging exercises. Since I was a beginner, it was hard for me to understand the point of some of the vocal exercise and how it translated to me becoming the type of singer I wanted to be. 

Chris was able to cater my lessons to help me better understand them by working on a song of my choice and choosing exercise to help me sing the song in the style that I liked. Lessons done in this way have been incredibly fun since I know the meaning and purpose behind the exercises that I do. Also, Chris is great at listening to your voice and finding ways to explain why you are making the sound that you are and what you need to do to create the sound that you want. I look forward to going to my lessons ever week because with every lessons I know I’m one step closer to becoming the singer that I want to be. I couldn’t be happier with Chris and synergistic singing.”

-Si W.

First Class Free! 

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Unused Classes Roll Over Up to Two Months​

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A Nice Preview Of What a Group Lesson Will Be Like...

If you haven't signed up already, my free breathing course is a nice preview of a what the group lessons will be like. We'll cover common breathing and other vocal habits so you can get a sense of where you're starting from and how to develop your singing so that it sounds and feels great! 🙂 

Check Out the Free Breathing Course Below

What Are Your Unique Breathing Habits When You Sing?

Let's Find Out Together!   

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Videos +  PDF Guide!