This Thursday in the Group Class:

The Vocal Folds Part Two: All About Pitch! 

If you're "tone deaf" can you still learn how to sing? Find out at the group lesson class! (short answer: yes) Getting to know the three movements your voice can make when it comes to pitch is not as basic as it fact, singers work to improve their pitch their entire life. If you're interested in singing runs/riffs (runs and riffs are those fancy extra notes in a melody that singers like Mariah Carey was famous for) if you're not sure whether or not you can match pitch or if you'd like to learn how to sing harmonies, understanding pitch changes in your voice will help you develop all of the above! 

One Thing Most People Agree On: To Sing Well, You Want to Sing In Tune                                          

How do you decide what singing "sounds good" and what singing does not? That depends on a whole lot of stuff! The genre, the skill of the singer, how critical you want to be of the singer/yourself, what standards are being upheld (American Idol has much higher standards than a karaoke bar) etc. One thing that is for sure though, singing in tune is what most people, most of the time, agree on when it comes to "sounding good" as a singer. In the group class, we'll talk about that life-long journey and what you can do to develop your singing in tune skills. I'll also talk a little bit about my journey as a singer, since when I started singing, I didn't know how to sing in tune. 

What Are Your Unique Breathing Habits When You Sing?

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