Singing the Right Note with the First Chord on Piano/Guitar

What the VPI-Harmonic Skill is,
why most beginning singers need it
to sing with piano (or guitar or a backing track) &
a simple exercise to train it.
In this video, we'll be covering the VPI-Harmonic Skill. In addition to hearing the right note you are going to sing in your mind BEFORE you sing it (which is the VPI-Melodic Skill) you also need to be able to sing that same note WITH other notes being played on the piano/guitar/backing track. This is what I call the VPI-Harmonic Skill. VPI stands for "Vocal Pitch Independence" and you can find out more about that in the link to previous post below: 

Isn't this just ear training though? 

No, because there are lots of piano players and other instrumentalists that know music very well, can repeat accurately on their instrument what they hear, but can't find a single one of those notes in their voice. You have to have both the skill of ear training AND know your voice well enough to quickly locate a particular pitch in your voice without help from the piano (besides your first note to get you in the key). Then you also need to be able to sing the right note while hearing other notes or chords while you are singing (think karaoke). I imagined there would already be a term for this but couldn't find one, so my rather ungainly term is the "VPI" skill. 

Isn't this just sight-singing though? 

No, because sight-singing requires that you know how to read music. For various reasons, it may or may not make sense for your particular situation to also learn to read music. However all singers MUST learn or already have at least some VPI skill to perform a song. 

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