Anyone Can Enjoy a Voice or Piano Lesson Gift! 

Not sure what to get that special someone that either has everything or has done everything? Get them a music lesson gift!

How To Purchase a Gift Certificate:

1. Pick your lesson length or package 

I recommend 60min lessons for adults and 30min lessons for teens just starting out. 

2. Enter Your (The Purchaser's) Email and you will receive the scheduling code via email for the gift certificate. 

3. Print out Your Gift Certificate

 4. Give the code (or write it on the gift certificate) when you give your gift.
5. Also send them HERE where they will see in the blog all the different things we can cover and FAQ's specifically for someone who has been gifted a voice or piano lesson 🙂 

Here are a few things to keep in mind so that your GIFTED music lessons are a FUN (instead of scary) gift: 

1.  Please don't insult your gift-ee. 

I know I shouldn't have to say this, but I've had several students that were gifted lessons by well-meaning relatives that started off with a comment about their (lack of) musical ability.  It's much better to say you've enjoyed lessons yourself, or you wanted to give them a new way to enjoy or interact with music, etc. 

2. Are they already interested/playing a musical instrument or singing?

That's a super easy gift in that case. Get them a gift certificate. Even if the instrument they play is the Saxophone, playing a different instrument for a time will give them an awesome perspective and sometimes really helpful insights and/or ways to enjoy their current instrument. 

3. If they aren't already playing/singing, make sure to get them a lesson that is open-ended.

Pretty much anyone can enjoy or voice or piano lesson, but if they are new they may feel more comfortable or interested in one vs the other. Some may enjoy vocal coaching to calm their nerves for a wedding or other public speech, while others may bust open the studio door singing (yes, that is happened) and others may want to read their first line of sheet music. Click the link below to send them more info on their options:

Gifted a Lesson? Here's All the Cool Stuff We Can Do!

Any gift certificate you purchase for lessons can cover a wide variety of topics. You can send your gift-ee to the link above, which will help them ease first-lesson nerves and find something that sparks (holiday) joy. 😉 


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