Were You Gifted a Music Lesson? AWESOME! 

Welcome to Synergistic Singing! If you’ve been given a music lesson gift, you’ve come to the right place!

After seeing how music lessons were gifted over the years, I realized that there were some things that could make gifted music lessons a MUCH better experience. As a singer who started with no natural ability, I know exactly what it's like to start from scratch, so all my lessons are set up for beginners. You can find out more about me here.  Below I've answered some common questions and suggested focus areas for your voice and/or music lesson. Enjoy! 

Do I have to have any musical skill to enjoy or take lessons?

Not at all! I have a large percentage of current students that absolutely no prior musical experience whatsoever. 

If I only take a few lessons, is that okay?

I’ve designed these sessions to be self-contained so that with two lessons you’ll have some fun new ways to enjoy and explore your voice and/or music. Of course, building skills absolutely takes time, but my goal in gifted lessons is for you to experience music and/or your voice in a new way.   

The person who gifted me this lesson said this was for singing, but I’m having a panic attack just thinking about singing, can we focus on something else?

Yes! If someone gifted you a lesson, I’m hoping that they, in very clear terms, pointed out it was a lesson dedicated to exploring your voice, music or both. Whatever you’re most interested in/comfortable with. There are so many people who would enjoy a new way to explore their voice or a new way to hear and explore music. Likewise, voice is a huge world and knowing just a teeny-bit about how this part of you works can help you enjoy and better use your voice for a lifetime. 

For your sessions, here are some possible focus areas: 

The Speech Presentation Prep Lesson: Vocal Health, Power and Expressiveness in Speech.

 In this lesson, we will cover how to work with performance nerves in speech through breathing technique, prevent vocal fatigue during long spoken presentations and explore  the range of your speech qualities for better communication skills. 

I’ve worked with voice actors, impersonators, and traveling corporate speakers. 

On the Singing Side

The Vocal Map Session: 

Get to know your vocal range, learn some beginning breathing exercises with feedback and a practice session. 

The Sing-With-Karaoke Session:

What does it take to sing the right notes at karaoke? In this session, we’ll get to know the main skills involved so you hold your own at karaoke night. 

Piano and Music:

The Piano-Basics Lesson:

In this session, we’ll get to know the notes on the piano, what it takes to play your first chord and first melody. 

The Reading-Music Lesson:

In this session, we’ll learn how to read your first melody on sheet music! 

What Are Your Unique Breathing Habits When You Sing?

Let's Find Out Together!   

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