What to do when a phrase is easy to sing by itself, but tough in the middle of a song…

Over vs Under-filling with Air Between Phrases

For this video, we’ll be discussing over and under filling with air. Sometimes you may find a phrase that is easy to sing by itself, but in the middle of a song it’s difficult. If you are over or under-filling with air between phrases, this can sometimes explain why the same phrase can be difficult in a song vs by itself.  

Isn’t this a lot to think about when you’re singing? I mean how would you focus on expressing the song if you’re thinking this intensely about your breathing?

Yes and no. Our body/nervous system/voice wants to find the most efficient path to sing. So if you guide your voice to this balance point enough times, it sticks. Then you’ll only revisit this occasionally when your breathing gets a little out of balance, or when you want to find an even better balance point in your breathing…this is why I made the Breathing for Singing Course, to help you learn how to consciously make changes in your breathing for singing, to let go of ingrained breathing habits that aren’t helping you and trigger the natural reflexes in your breathing that can make your voice feel powerful and free. 


What Are Your Unique Breathing Habits When You Sing?

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