The Happy Tears of a 70 Year Old 

Why I Love Teaching the Vocal Underdog

You would think, that as a voice teacher, I would love to have the most talented students walk through my door. They could already sing well, then I would help them go from great to phenomenal and sing some fantastic performances. 

This is a common thing: voice teachers work with singers who have a lot of great vocal habits to start with, then help them polish what they already have. Many teachers of famous singers do just that and gain popularity that way. Or sometimes a great singer decides to become a teacher and gains a following based on current abilities. 

All of that is nice, but it's one fry short of a happy least for me. What drew me to singing was how freakin' hard it was. The less skill a singer has when they start lessons with me, the more excited I feel. Showing performances of the best singers ever and saying "they are a part of my prestigious studio" might be better for business, but it's not what feeds my soul. When a 70 year old is crying tears of joy because she can sing her first song in tune after a lifetime of longing and wondering what it would be like to sing better, that's why I teach. 

What many people don't realize is that when a singer goes from great to even better, there are less personal transformations they have to experience to get to that point. When you start from scratch as a singer to singing well, you often will grow as a person in that process. 

When a 40 year-old soldier who has literally faced life and death situations, but has trouble opening up and expressing in a song, finally sings expressively and builds the emotional bravery and vulnerability he's always wanted to have: that's why I teach. 
These aren't glamorous things, they aren't instagram-ready. They're transformations that run deep within you and change you for life. If you look closely enough, every big thing is made up of a bunch of small things. That small thing might be learning to sing, the one domino that cascades the beautiful change in your life. 

That certainly was the case for me and below I'll invite you to help me line up that domino for you in just the right spot, so that singing is not just a random and super fun thing you decided to try one day (not that there is anything wrong with that! Singing is fun!) but an opportunity for personal growth. 

If I won all the lotteries and ended up a billionaire overnight, I would still teach voice lessons and I would teach you especially if you don't feel you have any ability, because learning to sing will change you in beautiful ways I can't predict. 
Now I have noticed, that some singers just want to sing in lessons and they aren't too concerned about these deeper, lasting changes they might discover in themselves. That's okay: singing lessons can absolutely be a totally fun and entertaining outlet! 
What if singing does need to be that for you? How would you know? How could you connect more deeply with yourself and others through singing? ​

In lessons right now and in upcoming courses, we’ll have ways to answer these questions, so that you don’t miss out on your personal and singing potential.

Achieve a Life-Long Dream to Sing: 

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 If you have said to yourself “I can’t sing” or “I’m too old to sing” or “I’ve been told NOT to sing in the past” then you’ve come to the right place. Lessons and courses with Chris will uncover all the myths and lies you’ve been told about what’s possible for your singing, so you can achieve a life-long dream to sing in a welcoming, encouraging and fun environment.


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