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What's in the Class: 

  • Find Out  Why  We Often Don't  Like Our Own Singing, and What to Do  About it.
  •  Learn and Practice Exactly What to Do When You're Put On the Spot to Sing 
  • Get a Chance to Practice the Act of Singing Confidence ...With or Without Actually Singing...  

Let's talk about the action of confidence vs the feeling of confidence + my favorite book on confidence in general. 

I love The Confidence Gap by Russ Harris because this book finally spoke of what it's really like to build confidence in any skill...often, you take the actions of confidence and then feelings often, but not always, follow. 

I have run into this reality in my life, again, and again, and again. I'm so grateful to have had singing as a part of my life, because it gave me this really concrete way to take the actions of confidence: there are few things that require the emotional vulnerability and nerve that singing (especially in front of others) requires. It is training ground on being yourself, owning your mistakes, and still singing your song anyway. 

One of the things that might surprise you about confidence is: the less confident you feel, the more likely you are doing something that will build your confidence (within limits/context of course).  When I first started making YouTube videos, I felt incredibly NOT confident. I would have all kinds of thoughts going through my head saying "omg what are all those weird ticks?!" "Why am I saying that?!" etc.  Because I've taken the actions of confidence over time, I now know when those thoughts come up, it often just means I'm stepping out of my psychological comfort zone. 

I then remind myself that I don't have to FEEL confident first, to act anyway, so I keep on going. Many times, the confidence comes, with practice, feedback, pacing and learning. 

Oh! and I'm not perfect at this, I still have moments where I absolutely do get caught up in the smog of fear and doubt,  but I've gotten better over time.  My world now doesn't feel so small, tightly controlled by everything I was afraid of. Instead I have felt more alive, open to becoming the "change I wish to see in the world". 

This has had quite the ripple effect across my life...I taken leaps of faith that have absolutely terrified me... literally feeling my body shaking from fear on the verge of making a risky but right decision,  knowing in my heart, in my gut, that it was the next step forward in my life, knowing I will have to face my fears to feel the freedom that that new leap of faith can bring. 

That's part of why I made the Singing Confidence Class, to have a concrete way to apply the skills of building confidence...through the skills of singing and have some (scary-but-life-affirming) fun!

So the realistic way that singers build confidence in their singing, is by singing precisely when they don't feel confident. Now when you can do that, with someone who has been there before many, many, many times over, you can begin to nurture the feelings of confidence within yourself, even if you have an inner critic cringing at a missed note. 

Now of course, does that mean I want you to, with no experience or training in singing, start singing everywhere all at once? Well no, because that's not the only ingredient in building your singing confidence! In the Singing Confidence Class, we'll cover the keys to building confidence, but most importantly, you'll get a chance to actually participate so you walk out of the class knowing you took a first step to nurturing the feeling of confidence in yourself. 

 Sign up for the LIVE Singing Confidence Class 


The live singing class designed to help you know where to start as a beginning or experienced singer. 

Enrollment is limited to 5 students so each one of y'all gets individual attention :) 

Is this class online or in-person?

The Singing Confidence Class is online, you'll get a link to a calendar that you can sign up for. 

How long is the class? What kind of skill level do I need to be at to join this class? 

The class is 40min long, you don't have to have ANY experience or skill in singing to join, you'll still be able to apply the techniques. 

Is this class for kids, adults, both? 

This class is for adults age 18 and up, or teens with parent approval. 

Is this going to be the typical webinars where there is a high-sales pressure to join some course? 

Nope! I will spend less than 5min or so describing what options you have if you'd like to continue working with me, but most of it is going to be fun, interactive exercises and getting to know each other. You'll leave with clarity on how to nurture the feeling of confidence in yourself and how to enjoy your voice with a fresh and more helpful perspective. 

What Students Are Saying...

Stephanie A.  

Sports Writer

Gave me the belief I could learn to sing. .”

"After the Saturday class I knew I would enjoy learning from Chris, his enthusiasm is very infectious and what he told us during the class made perfect logical sense. Gave me the belief I could learn to sing. .”

Jeanine W. PHD


I have taken voice 5 or 6 times in the past, and he is by far the best teacher I have ever had

“I cannot recommend Chris highly enough. I have taken voice 5 or 6 times in the past, and he is by far the best teacher I have ever had. He is clearly extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and is a natural teacher. Excellent at putting you at ease, he first gets to know your voice and your musical preferences, and tailors his teaching to what is best for you individually.

JuLianna D

 He eased me into singing and now I don’t know why I was ever afraid!

I always wanted to take voice lessons but never did out of fear. I’m so glad I found Chris! He eased me into singing and now I don’t know why I was ever afraid! After just a few lessons, I’m noticing improvements in my voice and confidence when singing in front of others. Chris is down to earth, passionate about what he does, and an incredible teacher. He makes learning fun and easy. I appreciate that he takes the time to get to know me and my voice so he can better coach me rather than using a one size fits all approach. This has been an awesome experience and I look forward to my lesson each week!