Faith's Story

In this video, Faith performs "Gloucestor Moors" and "Mamma Mia".

from fearful to fabulously expressive!

Faith told me that when she first got into choir and began taking lessons, she was really nervous! She was afraid that she would make mistakes and get really embarrassed singing in front of me.

She had never really sung solo before, or for one person before, so she wasn't sure what I would do if she missed a note or a rhythm. Unlike most classes, that give you a final grade for whatever mistakes you make that are competitive between students and focus more on being "right" rather than being communicative (great for math tests, not great for relationships!) in my studio we learn how to adapt and keep on going after a mistake happens so we can keep expressing the song!

This is SO important for the areas in life in which you simply can't stop if you've made a public speaking, improv, aspects of starting or running a business, social faux pas and the like. So many students come away with the skills to be vulnerable and express themselves, to communicate with feeling and conviction and to face the fear of failure and sing anyway.

What I love about this performance is how much Faith took the techniques and encouragement in lessons and really ran with it! She now knows what it takes to go from beginning singer to having her first song not only performed, but expressively sung with confidence! Bravo!

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