Same Sound, Different Singing Technique 

When (and Why) It's Good to Sound "Bad" When You Sing

It's a really common assumption that if someone is singing with good technique, then they will sound good. Based on that, it's easy to assume that if you're doing better as a singer, if you've made a step in the right direction, then you should sound better. When it comes to breathing technique though, we are working with an invisible force in our voice. As a result of this, we can find ways to do the same sounds with different kinds of breathing technique.
Sometimes when you are working with your voice it may actually feel a lot more free or powerful, but actually sound worse. One of the top reasons that people get stuck when they are trying to learn how to sing on their own is that they get hung up on "sounding good" but it's all about HOW you move your whole body in the effort to change your sound. So with singing, always go for feeling first. If something feels wrong, it is wrong, even if it "sounds" right.

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