Why It's Good to Sound "Bad" Part 1

Most "Good" Singing Sounds Are a Balance Between "Bad" Ones 

A lot of people think that good singing technique=sounding good.

This is not always true. More often than not, the bad sounds can actually help you sound good! However, this is rarely discovered without working with a teacher because most beginning singers get lost trying to fix "bad" sounds instead of trying to get to know and welcome ALL the sounds that their voice can make in a healthy way. This series is here to help you allow your voice to make the sounds it can currently make in free and healthy way, without internal judgments, so that you can build enough sensory acuity with your voice to then decide what it does. There are A TON of reasons to be okay with making sounds you may not like, so let's delve into those and then connect that to how those sounds are often so very essential to you finding your way to singing that sounds good.

What Are Your Unique Breathing Habits When You Sing?

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