Thursday in the Group Class:

Singing and the Inhale 

Singing is All About the Exhale, So Of Course the Inhale is Really Important too! 

There is no yin without yang, no exhale without an inhale. So how do you do inhale for singing? Surprisingly, your inhale should be the least effortful part of your singing. Many people believe that you need a big effortful breath in right before you start to sing. To be more accurate, many people take big, effortful inhales before they start to sing whether they mean to or not 🙂 So in this class, we're going to help you find and use your natural inhale reflex to know both the effortless inhale and how to mimic this type of inhale when you need to inhale purposely and quickly for singing. You'll also learn what common tensions get in the way of an easy inhale so you can start your sung phrase on the right track. 

So check out the class! It's starts at 7:00pm Tuesday  😀  and don't worry, you don't have to sing 😉 we'll be applying the various exercises to spoken sounds, right where it's comfortable for you. 

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What Are Your Unique Breathing Habits When You Sing?

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