Thursday in the Group Class:

How to Practice Singing 

Your Kinesthetic and Aural Senses Work Hard, Your Voice Doesn't.

Practicing Singing is radically different from practicing many other skills. If you don't know the how and why of this, singing will be super impossibly hard. If you do though, you'll see that singing is almost always physically comfortable and pleasant, even when it's incredibly challenging. 
In this group class, we'll be getting to know the very first things to keep in mind when you start your singing journey. How your voice is (probably) absolutely perfect as is, and how singing practice is mentally exhausting but not tiring to your voice.  We'll also cover why so much vocal technique advice out there can be both vague and contradictory and lastly how to strengthen your own "internal compass" so that you can find and use the right techniques for you! 

So check out the class! It's starts at 7:30pm Thursday 😀  and don't worry, you don't have to sing 😉 we'll be applying the various exercises to spoken sounds, right where it's comfortable for you. 

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What Are Your Unique Breathing Habits When You Sing?

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