Maya's Singing Story

How Maya got her song, her style and expressive self out there. 

When Maya first started the Test Singer Program, we worked together to find what would be a great goal for her singing. So we looked at several options: 

Sing and play your first song 

Sing and learn your first harmony 

Learn 5 runs 

Perform your first song on youtube

Perform your first song with your unique vocal style 

Read sheet music 

Sing your first duet 

Sing your first foreign language song (in French, Italian, etc)

After looking through these options, we narrowed down to this goal:

The Goal: 

Perform Your First Song on YouTube, with Your Own Unique Vocal Style, in Two Months.

What I love about this goal is it gave us clarity and direction on what we would work on and what we would not work on. Singing is a huge world and when working on techniques, it's easy to get pulled into a bunch of different directions and then feel like you're not really going anywhere.

Once we had a goal set, we decided on a song! The song had to be something learnable in two months, a song you love enough to work with for two months and something that was fun to experiment with. So we got together a list of songs, sung through them and used a rating system in the course to help narrow down to just the right song.

After narrowing down our options, Maya chose Six Feet Under by Billie Eilish. What has been so wonderful about Maya is that she was both curious and committed, so she discovered and integrated new sounds and colors in her voice and expressivity in her singing because she was curious and adventurous enough to try all the crazy exercises, but committed enough to do the practice of integrating those into her singing and taking a stylistic stand.

We explored all kinds of stuff with expressing the song: louder volumes, grace notes, darker tone qualities, brighter tone qualities, chest voice, head voice, emotional connection and beyond.

Maya had never put up a song on YouTube before, so this was a great milestone! To see Maya go from not having put her voice out there and not knowing her own unique style, to having a song up and confidently singing with her own take on a song, was really inspiring 

I asked Maya, how does singing make you feel? Here's her answer: 

"Empowered, peaceful, and blissful. I feel so empowered and confident when things are going well and I feel so proud of myself. Singing makes me feel peaceful and at ease with myself and the world because it’s such a beautiful form of expression and I love being able to do it."

Amen Sista! ?

Maya's Sings "Six Feet Under" 

by Billie Eilish 


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