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The Test Singer Program 

What is the Test Singer Program? 

The Test Singer Program is where you, the test singer, will have a custom built course to help you achieve a concrete result in your singing in 3 months or less. As a test singer, you would take the course and post a video review of your results.

CLICK HERE for Some Examples of Concrete Results

Example 1

Let's say you can sing the right notes to a song if you are singing with the singer, but when you sing with a backing track or chords, it's hard to find the right notes. The concrete result we would look for is to get you to have one song you can sing with all the correct notes with a backing track within 3 months.

Example 2

Let's say there are songs you'd like to sing that are too low or too high, and you'd like to know how to change the key and lower the song. So the concrete result we would look for is that in 1-3 months you can be given any song, sing through it, and know how much to lower or raise the key.

Example 3

You'd like to know how to find your vocal range on the piano, guitar and sheet music and track your progress over time. Same process, you would take the course as I'm creating it, get your results and post a review.

Example 4

You'd like to sing without breathiness. We would pick one song where you sing breathy currently and don't seem to be able to change that, work through the custom course, and within a couple months sing through your chosen song without breathiness.

Example 5

You have a song where it's difficult to last through your phrases. You would work through the custom course I'm making for you on lasting through your phrases and within a few months time get to a point where you can sing through all the phrases without running out of air.

Maya Took the Test Singer Program, Found Her Vocal Style, and Got her Song Out There! 

How Maya got her song, her style and expressive self out there. 

When Maya first started the Test Singer Program, we worked together to find what would be a great goal for her singing. So we looked at several options: 

Sing and play your first song 

Sing and learn your first harmony 

Learn 5 runs 

Perform your first song on youtube

Perform your first song with your unique vocal style 

Read sheet music 

Sing your first duet 

Sing your first foreign language song (in French, Italian, etc)

After looking through these options, we narrowed down to this goal:

The Goal: 

Perform Your First Song on YouTube, with Your Own Unique Vocal Style, in Two Months.

What I love about this goal is it gave us clarity and direction on what we would work on and what we would not work on. Singing is a huge world and when working on techniques, it's easy to get pulled into a bunch of different directions and then feel like you're not really going anywhere.

Once we had a goal set, we decided on a song! The song had to be something learnable in two months, a song you love enough to work with for two months and something that was fun to experiment with. So we got together a list of songs, sung through them and used a rating system in the course to help narrow down to just the right song.

After narrowing down our options, Maya chose Six Feet Under by Billie Eilish. What has been so wonderful about Maya is that she was both curious and committed, so she discovered and integrated new sounds and colors in her voice and expressivity in her singing because she was curious and adventurous enough to try all the crazy exercises, but committed enough to do the practice of integrating those into her singing and taking a stylistic stand.

We explored all kinds of stuff with expressing the song: louder volumes, grace notes, darker tone qualities, brighter tone qualities, chest voice, head voice, emotional connection and beyond.

Maya had never put up a song on YouTube before, so this was a great milestone! To see Maya go from not having put her voice out there and not knowing her own unique style, to having a song up and confidently singing with her own take on a song, was really inspiring 

I asked Maya, how does singing make you feel? Here's her answer: 

"Empowered, peaceful, and blissful. I feel so empowered and confident when things are going well and I feel so proud of myself. Singing makes me feel peaceful and at ease with myself and the world because it’s such a beautiful form of expression and I love being able to do it."

Amen Sista! ?

The Test Singer Program 

Who is it for? 

This program is for all skills levels, but not all commitment levels. It's only for you if you can commit to and accomplish each weekly objective or let me know immediately where you're stuck. #realtalk: If you take 3 or 4 weeks and don't get back with me straight away, you'll be automatically removed from the program...(but I still love you and we are still totally friends) Some singers take lessons purely for process-oriented fun. This is great! I may do a program just for that in the future 🙂 For THIS program,  I will only work with absolutely committed singers .

How long does it take?

Our goal is that we get to your end result in about 3 months or so, but some results may take longer or much shorter, so we have some wiggle room for the time frame. You'll need to set aside a few minutes to an hour each week to work through any videos or exercises I send your way. Then we'll have at least 3 video call sessions to help you through any sticking point along the way during that 3 month period.

How much does it cost?

The Test Singer Program is $39 a month. This is WAY under-priced for what you're getting: a custom built online course just for you, three 1-on-1 sessions and being walked through each step of the process. 

Why are you charging so little? (click here) 

Several reasons, but I'll just cover one for right now:

For many years as a college student getting a degree in voice, I often had to choose between voice lessons and food, voice lessons and bills, etc. Honestly, it sucked. I've wanted a way to grow as a singer, but everything was just out of my reach. So many thousands of dollars later, little by little, as I worked with teachers all over the world from various disciplines, I realized that I could offer incredibly impactful help to singers in a way that was affordable to them, but also made great business sense. Enter the Test Singer Program. If you can help me build a course that you absolutely love and will tell all your friends about, then I get to help you sing, make a difference and let the selling take care of itself. That's pretty awesome.

Will I get 1-on-1 help?

Yes! We will have (at least) 3 online video 1-on-1 sessions:

With our first recorded video call session, we would choose together a result that would be doable in 3 months time. Then we'll test that particular skill and record that, so that you have proof of your progress later on (don't worry, although you do have to agree to a video review, we'll only publish "before and after"-type content from our calls based on what your comfortable with).

On our mid-way check-in appointment, you'll have worked a bit into the course and you'll let me know if and where you got stuck, then I will walk you through the process on a video call.

On our last session, we'll record your video review and record a demonstration of your results for your own record so you can see a before and after of your progress.

This is how the Test Singer Program Will Work: 


Pick a Result 

We'll get together on a common need or result you're aiming for in your singing. Let's say it's lasting through your phrases (or finding your range, singing with chords, performing your first song in public or insert other result here).


Get a Starting Point Assessment

If you're already taking lessons, we'll have a good sense of where your skill level is at already, but we'll map them out again for posterity.

If you aren't taking lessons, we'll start with the "Find Your Range" kit or other similar assessment tool to get a sense of where your vocal skills are at right now.


I’ll Make a Custom Mini-Course Just For You

I'll put together some recorded exercises, a little "mini-course" or set of exercises if you will, for you to try.


Try Out Your New Course

You'll try out the exercises. Depending on the skill, you may need to practice these for a while, or if it's something really simple, like the "Find Your Range" kit, that may take a week or two. 


Love it Yet?  

You'll send me a video: it's either a review saying "hey! this works and I love it!" or "hey, I got stuck here..." We'll either go back to step 3 if we need to change something, or move one to stage 6.


Share Your Results 😀 Yay!

We'll do your after video, where you'll demonstrate what you've learned, how it's made you feel now that you're there, and who you would and wouldn't recommend this to. 


Are you against trying this out?

Yes, I'm against trying something like this out. 

I'm against trying this out because...

No I'm not against trying this out, tell me more.

I'd like to know more about the Test Singer Program and share with you what would help me.