When it Comes to Tone Quality, Should You Sing the Way You Speak? 

​Should You Sing the Way You Speak? It depends! So in this series, I'll be addressing several different situations where it makes sense to speak the way you sing, situations where it's unhelpful as well situations where it just depends on your own artistic taste as a singer and either could work. For this particular video, I'll be addressing tone quality.

The tone quality that you choose to use for singing is dependent on what vocal technique you can comfortably sing with, what the demands of your target genre/(s) are, what your audience or audition judges are expecting and of course your own style as a vocal artist. Sometimes, all these things DO line up with speech. For example, a country singer may have always grown up with a country accent. Other times, it doesn't line up. For example, I once taught a Korean foreign exchange student how to sing with a country accent because he loved country music and was curious to develop the country twang.

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