imagesHere is where the singer moves from repeating what they’ve heard and unconsciously learned,  to vocal artistry, where they imagine and then sing something new.

You hear a whole, complete sound, that is the result of interactions between their dialect, technique, genes, the music they’ve heard, music they create, singers they’ve imitated, genre or mix of genres, until all this musical alchemy creates each vocal color used to express a single vowel, a lyric, a story, or feeling. A lot of singers fear technique, because they fear that technique will take away what makes their voice stand out. What techinique really does (if you’re doing it right), is help you clean the window to your imagination and your heart to better show all the artistry and feeling you can really bring to your song, unencumbered by obstacles.

The actual structures inside the throat of a singer are relatively the same in everyone else, but what they consciously and unconscously do with their voice, is what makes their voice unique, and there are so so so many ways to shape a sound, that a singer never truly runs out of options.   I would compare a singer to a fine green tea. If you’ve ever seen the documentary “All in this Tea” you would have seen a scene in which someone desribes how the flavor of the tea tastes and smells like the area it comes from much like a wine. The speaker said something to likes of the tea tasting like the ocean breeze, the roses growing near by, and the whole beautiful scene all in this one cup of tea that is unique from any other cup you’ll ever taste.  That’s what a skilled, artistic singer is, a one-of-a-kind, fine tea.


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