The SynergisticSinging Blog Got An Award 🙂 put together a nice list of blogs, some of which I have never heard of before (should be fun to check out!) and they were so kind as to include the SynergisticSinging blog on the list of “Best Blogs for New Singers”!

Although there is so much new material in the works that I think will make this blog a much more useful resource, this award has challenged me to appreciate the attention and time it takes for someone else to recognize the value of what I do. This post took a much longer time to write as my natural urge is to resist awards and recognition like the plague.

So instead of awkwardly ignoring this award as I have done with other awards in the past (and as a result not recognizing the time and effort it took for them to include me in list of “best blogs” and even make a cute little badge) I’m just going to say thank you!


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