My goal with the SynergisticSinging YouTube channel is to present how to go about singing from scratch, assuming you’re an absolute beginning singer and sequentially move on from there. Once you’ve moved past the common singing myths, like the idea that you are “tone deaf” if you don’t know how to sing in tune, and the other myth, that if you don’t “sound good” then you’re not singing well, then what’s next? The next step is to begin getting to know your own voice and figuring out where you are at as a singer.

With that in mind, we’ll be moving on to the Singing-In-Tune Series!

The first thing you’ll need to be able to assess yourself and see if singing in tune is a skill that you need to learn. This series will help you figure that out and also move into some sample exercises you can do to begin building your vocal coordination, your ear ,and your vocal-navigating ability so you can build the skill of singing in tune. This “first” video (I have other videos that talk about the myths of singing that you could consider part of this series) will cover the supplies needed for assessing your current skill as a singer. These supplies are a good idea for most singers as the lack of these supplies often result in singers not practicing because there isn’t a clearly defined space, time, reason, and set of tools for practicing.


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