With so many singing methods, exercises, and techniques,  what is the best singing exercise/vocal method ever? It’s the one that works for you! That seems obvious, but too many systems about singing promise epic results, and then when you get to the exercises, they are very vague. You don’t really know if you’re doing it “right”.  Now assuming the exercises you have are the “right” ones, not knowing your vocal habits may mean that you unintentionally do the polar opposite of what you think you are doing. This happens all the time in lessons, the same exact exercise will have a completely opposite result with Jeff, no difference with Leslie, and completely change the way Jacob sings in a lasting and positive way. I have some exercises that help 99% of singers do a particular sound in a comfortable way but there is always that one person that needs something different. That’s part of what makes it fun.


Lastly, if you are working with random vocal exercises to hopefully get better all around as a singer, it’s possible to feel like you have no idea if you’re “getting better” in the first place because you’re not working with an exact sound. “Good” is not a sound. A loud, “Eh” vowel in the male voice in the rock genre freely sung and with a shout-like, powerful character…that’s a sound! If, say, Jeff could only sing at soft volumes with breathiness on that same note, then creating that very specific sound or getting closer to it will now be clear.  You can actually measure that. So what are the 3 keys to help you find the best exercises for your voice?

Find out more, watch the video below:



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