Student and Parent Spotlight: Kirk & Kristy 

My jaw dropped. Kirk's mom had told me, in the middle of an intense competition where Kirk was singing (very) challenging classical music, that Kirk used to be unable to carry on a conversation as a young child. To come from that point all the way to singing a song, is inspiring, but I would have never imagined or maybe even dared to dream singing in foreign languages in a classical genre under performance pressure. I never forgot that and it reminded me that I never know where someone has come from, or what they've overcome, to sing.

Singing, for me, is about growing. It's about the slow and humble and un-glamorous process of personal transformation. So I have a special place in my heart for Kirk and tremendous respect for his mother who shows what real love and commitment is. After having lost my mom last year, who was such a warm, encouraging and beautiful person, the world has had a tendency to feel like a much more cold and lonely place. Seeing the life and journey of Kirk through this window of music lessons and the support that Kristy pours out, helps me brighten my own perspective after loss.
Seeing how much Kirk has overcome as a singer and as a person to communicate to the world and to see a mother that has moved mountains to be there for him, it brings back a familiar familial feeling of when I was loved unconditionally in a way that only a mother can love. I feel so much gratitude as a voice teacher to witness the care, commitment and love put into the music, the practice and most importantly: the family.

Below is a video of Kirk is a McNeil High School student participating in his school‘s Varsity Mixed Choir, Varsity Show Choir, Musical Theater, and AP Music Theory. Kirk had hoped to sing this song (An Den Frühling by Franz Schubert) at the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest, but having learned the contest would be cancelled, decided to make this video for his family and friends. Bravo!


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