Are You a Beginning Singer?

Let's Find More Specific Words to Describe Your Current Singing 🙂 

Slidy Singing: A Common Beginning Singer Habit 

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have specific terms to describe our singing rather than just "bad"? If you're a beginning singer, it can often be discouraging when you hear a recording of yourself and you know you don't like what you hear, but you can't pinpoint what exactly it is that you need to do to get you just say it's "bad". 
Fear Not: We can definitely find and pinpoint what exact skills you need to learn as a singer with concrete labels that are honest but not negative. For this video, I'll be talking about slidy singing. Making audible slides between pitches (AKA Slidy Singing) is not exactly bad and doesn't automatically sound bad. When you slide for a looong time between pitches though, it can completely obscure your melody and sound out of tune...even if you are technically hitting every note. So have a listen to your singing and see if you can hear whether or not your slides between pitches are long and obvious, or short and efficient. 


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