Singing Like You Speak When it Comes to Breathing

There are DEFINITELY differences between breathing for speech and singing! The thing is though, as we get closer and closer to our speaking range volume, phrase/note length, pitch range, etc, it's often helpful to go back to our breathing habits for speech to get a sense of what we really need for singing those easier phrases. That way, we don't add unnecessary effort where it is not needed which can make something that would ordinarily be easy needlessly difficult.

Just don't forget that the farther away you move from your speaking pitch, volume, style, etc the more skill it often requires in your breathing technique.

Lastly, if your breathing for speech is compromised in some way, then it's likely not a great idea to look to your breathing habits for speech as an example of how easy phrases in singing should feel like breath-wise.

What Are Your Unique Breathing Habits When You Sing?

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