imagesGreat question! There are many ways to create a more engaging performance, so today I’ll just be focusing on the visuals aspects of performance,which singers often forget about. Here are five tips to a visually more dynamic and entertaining performance:

1) Decide what emotions and other messages are being expressed in the song.

2) Make sure to express these emotions through your face as this is the prime medium in which we understand and communicate emotion.

3) Watch yourself in the mirror and make sure you can tell what your expressing! We have been somewhat trained to give subtle rather than obvious clues to our emotions. When singing this is all turned on its head because great singing is emotive!

4) Amplify these expressions until they are ridiculously over done. This gives you an idea of how expressive is too expressive. Most of the time though, singers tend to under express, so you have more leeway than you think. Remember, people in the back of the karaoke venue will barely be able to see your face, so everything has to be bigger and bolder than everyday life…unless you’re singing a Norah Jones type song with a very small audience.

5) Match your posture and movements to the message of the song, and again, make sure these are clearly and easily seen! Small movements don’t read well on stage except for special circumstances.


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