One Way to Build the Vocal Pitch Independence Skill 

For beginning and intermediate singers (and even some very skilled singers that are used to singing in groups) learning the Vocal Pitch Independence Skill is crucial to singing, yet not really covered in a targeted way. Because there is so much emphasis on other vocal techniques out there, a lot of singers will struggle to sing with chords/piano/karaoke and not really know why or what to do about it. Let's fix that 🙂

The VPI skill is a skill that most beginning singers need to learn, some intermediate singers need to learn and sometimes even advanced singers need to learn. 

Simple (although not necessarily easy) exercise: Sing a song of your choice in a comfortable range and volume, and sing one phrase with the recording of the singer, and that same phrase without the recording playing. Go back and forth like so. You can also do the same thing with a recording of the singer, and then with a karaoke track. If you work with a teacher or a (kind) and helpful musically inclined friend, they can point out that you either: are already singing correct notes on your own, OR which notes were not correct. 


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