One Singing Skill to Rule Them All 

When You Practice, Resist the Urge to Correct Every Mistake. Instead, do this: 

One very common practice approach I see with a lot of singers is the urge to correct every single mistake they make in a song immediately. If the focus, for instance, is to have a your air last through a phrase, a singer may get distracted by a mis-pronounced word and stop to correct that. The thing is though, your breathing technique is entangled with everything else that you do in your singing. That means that, some mistakes may be showing up as a symptom of not having enough air, and they correct themselves once you do have enough air. Watch the video to find out how a student I'll call "Rupert" discovered this. 

Side note: Although in this specific instance I'm emphasizing that the most important thing for Rupert to work on was his breathing technique, I want to mention that breathing technique will absolutely NOT be the answer to all the mistakes you may make in a song. So I'm not saying simply fix breathing and everything else will fall into place. In fact, there are times when I encourage singers to actively ignore their breathing and instead focus on something totally different, because I'm noticing that breathing is not the main skill that is needed to progress in a song. 

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