! Great Tool for Singers, Even If You Can't Read Music 

I'm not an affiliate of or receiving any compensation for this, I'm just a fan of the site and find it really helpful for myself both as a singer and voice teacher! 🙂 
Although MusicNotes does have printable sheet music, it also has some really handy tools that saves me quite a lot of time when working with students or on my own. One of my favorite tools is the ability to change keys easily to find which key works best for a singer. My singing students are also able to go on the app and actually try different keys out to sing in (say if the key is too high or too low, which often happens with songs sung by your opposite gender/voice part) without knowing anything about how to read music. If you're planning to learn a song that you'll be performing, or a song that has some challenges in it, I highly recommend this site as a help to deeply learn your music. 

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