I am amazed at how many high school students spend years in choir class, doing vocal competitions, musicals, etc. with vocal habits that are making singing WAY more difficult than it needs to be and could be fixed in minutes! They are investing so much time and energy and working so hard but not knowing singing basics  and having to wing it. Choir will not teach you technique. It may teach you blending, sight-reading, artistry and many other things but technique is not taught in a clear, works-instantly kind of way. You need lessons for that.

I just worked with a student last week that was able to reach 3 new notes, have a clear non-breathy sound (required for the classical vocal competition) and was singing much more easily over the course of two lessons. TWO! Not a hundred. Just two! After having gone for years suffering with a couple of habits that weren’t difficult to fix  it’s unfortunate that nothing was addressed until high school.

If you’re singing in a band, in a choir, on a theater stage, take some time to learn the most important vocal habits that apply to everyone and anyone. It will only help!





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