Singing the Right Way For You

With so much information out there when it comes to singing, why do I even bother making yet MORE information? Isn’t everyone already suffering information overload? Instead of more information, singers need less mental noise and more ways to FEEL how they sing. THIS is why I create ways to build sensory awareness within yourself when it comes to breathing for singing. The better you can actually sense your breath (which doesn’t really require that much thought but a whole lot of feeling/listening) the easier it will be for you to cut through all the contradictory information when it comes to singing and find what actually works for you.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t tell if you’re singing the right way? What if the wrong way for someone else is the right way for you? In this video we’ll talk about why before you go about changing your singing habits, you should get to know what you’re actually doing first, and breathing often is the first way of doing that.

What Are Your Unique Breathing Habits When You Sing?

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