Do You Sing to Avoid Mistakes? 

How do you respond when you make a mistake? Do you tighten up, do you stop everything to fix it? Do you enjoy it and turn it into a "happy accident"?

Confidence in singing, is partly, a choice...a choice to allow yourself to potentially make a mistake. The key here in singing, is that if/when you miss a note, you can stop and try to fix that note, or you can stay with the reason why you sing. Do you sing to avoid mistakes? Is that what singing is about? Reducing risk?

Or is singing about expressing yourself, as you are now? Or is it about tell someone how much you love them? Or singing a tired, fussy puppy to sleep?
And when you see someone perform...are you most interested in seeing them not make any mistakes...or taking a moment to feel something with them?

Sometimes, like in math, you should stop when you make a mistake. Part of the point of math is to "get it right". Singing is rarely about this, and you risk taking the life out of singing if you focus too far into this...and oddly enough, in vocal technique, you'll notice more and get better when you get out of "trying to get the technique correct". There are long, complicated and interesting reasons for this...but that's for another class.

In this video, we'll take a look at how to stare down the risk of mistakes, and come out singing ?

Video Table of Contents: 

Confidence the Action/Choice 00:00

Confidence the Action/Choice, part of the Confidence Series

00:31 Putting Your Confidence in a Friend and How Singing Can Feel Similar 

1:13 Storytime: Nerves for no reason!

3:50 The challenge (especially for beginner singers) to find a space to practice confidence in expression without major consequences 

5:00 What is a way to practice confidence the choice/action?

 5:15 Look at how you respond to "mistakes" in your singing.

6:00 Why stopping when you make mistakes creates less trust in your voice which makes it harder to make the choice or take the action of confidence.

Join the Feel Better, Sing Better Class In-Person or Online 

What's the Feel Better, Sing Better Class? 

The Feel Better, Sing Better Class is an In-Person & Online Class that is perfect for...

  • The beginning singer that wants to sing with more confidence and creativity & less fear and self-judgement.  You'll find a brave space to develop your voice in a way that builds the comfort and confidence to sing, either for yourself or with others. 
  • The experienced singer looking to break free of old vocal struggles without repeating boring exercises endlessly, stifling your own unique style, or getting in the way of fully feeling, expressing, and enjoying your singing right now! 

What Students Are Saying...

Stephanie A.  

Sports Writer

Gave me the belief I could learn to sing. .”

"After the Saturday class I knew I would enjoy learning from Chris, his enthusiasm is very infectious and what he told us during the class made perfect logical sense. Gave me the belief I could learn to sing. .”


Research Librarian

An adventure in personal discovery and development.

“Working with Chris is and adventure in personal discovery and development. As a retired research librarian I had to asky myself why.

Jordan G 

I'm already seeing improvement in voice and piano after two months. 

Chris is an awesome teacher! He is super kind and super funny. I have no previous experience, and with only two months of lessons I already see significant improvement in my voice/piano skills! Definitely recommend doing both piano and vocal lessons simultaneously. Come to Chris, I promise you won’t regret it!


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