"Focus on Progress, Not Perfection"...But What Do You Do When You Can't Control Your Progress?

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Progress Isn't Always in Your Direct Control 

Should you really focus on progress, not perfection? What if you can't control your progress? One of the things that would have been very comforting for me and saved me a lot of discouragement would have been to know that progress shouldn't be my main focus. Action, in reality, is the only thing you can control (excluding sickness or other things that like that). So if you need to make progress to feel good about taking action, then any plateau you run into (which is nearly inevitable) will lead to disappointment and an urge to give up. If however, if you remember that progress comes of its own accord (by taking consistent action) then when things seem to plateau, you're still focused on how you are taking action vs current results. But how do you take consistent action over time? Click the link below to find out more. 


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