Launching August 20th!
I’m so excited to announce the BRAND NEW Synergistic Singing Channel on YouTube! Subscribers will receive a new video every month where we’ll cover how to sing from scratch. I have found that so many would-be singers will have their first voice lesson with me and often find that so many of the assumptions society makes about singing are simply not true! The purpose of the Synergistic Singing channel will be to start off talking about singing from scratch.
There are tons of videos about singing on YouTube, but most are dedicated to intermediate and advanced singers. My goal is to create a space where someone who has never sang before will know exactly what to do to learn how to sing, even if they’ve been called tone deaf and have had negative experiences with singing in the past.
So stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to the new YouTube Channel! Subscribe to this blog for an email update on Aug. 20th that will have a link to the new YouTube channel as well.


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