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As someone who had to actually learn how to sing in tune as it’s own skill, I can tell you that if you are actually (many people are not)¬†starting from where I started from, you don’t want to try to be matching pitches right now. If you do, it will seem impossible to tell what you are doing and progress will seem super slow. This is because when I first started learning how to sing in tune (and this is true for many of beginning singers that I teach) I had to learn how to coordinate my voice to stay on the same pitch, move up and move down BEFORE I could do the super tiny adjustments required to match a specific pitch.


With so many other voice teachers, courses, etc. out there isn’t there enough information out there? Why would I add anything else?

There is information, but there is not¬†clarity. If you are a five year old and I try to teach you math by starting with algebra, I may have tons of useful informations when it comes to learn algebra, but because it’s out of sequence (there is so much you need to learn before learning algebra, like fractions, addition, subtraction, etc.) then your five year old self is going to be very confused and as a result, frustrated.

My goal with this first set of exercises is to give you clarity on where to start. For some singers, these exercises are going to be super easy, that’s okay. We’ll challenge those singers in future exercise sets ;). This set of exercises are for those who are starting where I started from, needing to learn the Vocal Coordination Skill before doing anything else.