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Benefits of the Lesson Subscription Plan 

So you just started lessons, and maybe you're wondering: 

Should you be on a Lesson Subscription or Schedule Individually?

Unless you're only planning on taking 1 or 2 lessons...most student prefer the subscription plan. Here's how that works: 

With the Lesson Subscription, you receive anywhere between 3-5 lessons per month. After your first purchase, your credit card is auto-charged each month at a flat rate.

Benefits of the Lesson Subscription:

  • You can keep your spot instead having to constantly schedule online
  • Some months you'll receive a 5th lesson at no extra charge 
  • Your time is blocked off: no one can schedule your spot online 

Here is why scheduling individual lessons can be a pain... and the Lesson Subscription is usually better: 

If you aren't on the Lesson Subscription , only lessons you've scheduled online are reserved for you...which means if you forget to go on the calendar and get your next pack of might not find that spot open anymore. 

If you're showing up, you're saving money.
When you pay individually, the rates for each lesson are slightly higher, in addition, if you like to have your lesson on Saturdays and there are 5 Saturdays in a month, you'd be paying at least $67 more for that 5th lesson. 

No one can take your spot 
With the Lesson Subcription, no one can take your time spot, it's blocked indefinitely, you don't have to keep track of openings.

The Lesson Subscription is perfect for you if...
You want your lesson at the same time each week. You don't want to have to schedule each lesson individually. You want one bill each month that isn't randomly higher. 

The Lesson Subscription is NOT for you if...

Your work schedule is unpredictable week to week

You prefer to keep careful track of each lesson

Your schedule is really flexible: you can do odd hours of the day like 3pm...I'll often have a random weird time like that open. 

You're okay if you get on a waiting list for a month or two when spots run out

How does the Lesson Subscription work?

You pay a flat-fee each month for anywhere from 3-5 lessons per month, usually at the same time each week. The flat-rate keeps your bill the same each month (even when some months you receive 5 lessons). If your planning to take lessons for a minimum of 3 months, the discount is usually in your favor. If you're only doing a month of lessons, I don't recommend the subscription plan. 

Can I cancel/reschedule lessons on the flat-rate plan? 

If you cancel, there are no reschedules on the flat-rate plan, if I cancel, I will almost always offer a reschedule, in rare circumstances if I'm not able to offer a reschedule, I will offer a refund. There are no refunds for lessons canceled by you or if you are discontinuing lessons, but you can offer your lessons to be gifted to an economically disadvantaged student.  

Add lesson notes + plus lesson recordings to listen and practice along with for $10 more a month