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The 30min Lesson Subscription Plan 

(3-5 Lessons per Month) 

With the 30min Lesson Monthly Subscription Plan, you receive anywhere between 3-5 lessons per month. After your first purchase, you'll receive an invoice via Square the following month, after which your credit card is auto-charged each month at a flat rate.I usually teach 4-5 lesson per month, but at minimum I will offer 3 (or I will offer make-up lessons if for some reason I can't make the 3 lessons in that month). 

How does the flat-rate work?

You pay a flat-fee each month for anywhere from 3-5 lessons per month, usually at the same time each week. The flat-rate keeps your bill the same each month (even when some months you receive 5 lessons) while giving me the opportunity to take paid time off for education and recreation without overbooking myself with make-up lessons the following weeks. During time off/holidays, you will receive at minimum 3 lessons for that month (or make-up lessons to be taken at your convenience).

Need more explanation?

On a typical month, you’ll receive 4 lessons in that month. Let’s say, though, that it’s December, and Christmas falls on your lesson day. That day you will not have a lesson and it will not be rescheduled. However, you will receive a minimum of 3 lesson opportunities for that month (or a make-up opportunity if for some reason I’m not available). 

What if though, in January, your lesson is on Thursdays and there are 5 Thursdays in that month?

You will also pay the same rate, even though there are five Thursdays that month you’ll still receive 5 lessons. Typically, I teach four to five lessons a month to each person on the flat-rate plan, but some months will be 3 lessons. 

Can I cancel/reschedule lessons on the flat-rate plan?

There is a limit of one reschedule per month and only if I'm notified at least 24hrs in advance. If I have to cancel more than one lesson in a given month, I will offer an opportunity to reschedule that lesson. 

What counts as holidays?

Spring Break

Fourth of July



New Year's

1-3 weeks off vacation/education time, either spread out throughout the year or all at once.