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Sign Up for  the Singing Class for Beginners in Austin Tx! 


When is it?    


6:30pm on Wednesdays


 Who is it for?  


Geared for Beginning Singers adults ages 18 and up but intermediate/advanced singers are also welcome! You need absolutely ZERO prior experience with singing. You will not be singled out, you won’t get embarrassed and you don’t have to sing for everyone (unless you want to 😉 If you’re a young adult, you can also attend with parental consent. This is not likely to be fun for young kids in the way that yoga might not be fun for kids…it kinda takes some calm attention and would likely only be fun for kids if it’s exclusively designed for kids. 


How much is it?


The first class is free with this coupon: “freesingingclass” enter that in the coupon section when you schedule. After that classes are $15 per 30min class, and if that already wasn’t a bargain, you can purchase a set of four classes at a discount for a total of $40. 


Where is it?


At my studio, address below and more details HERE


13552 US HWY 183N, STE A

Austin, TX 78750


What… will we cover?


We’re going to cover what you need to know regardless of what voice teacher you are working with (or if you’re on your own or haven’t started lessons yet). We’ll also cover the over-arching, most important things you need to know as a beginning singer but also the skills you are always refining no matter how much experience you gain as a singer 🙂 You can check out my free breathing course to get a tiny sample of what we’ll cover. 

Most importantly, we’ll be doing exercises in the class so you’ll be applying techniques the whole way through 🙂 

  What if I “can’t” sing?


You CAN sing, (just like you can play the piano) IF you take the time to learn. We’ll be applying these different techniques (if we get that far…I’m going to make this class easy going so people can ask questions) to your speaking voice, so don’t worry there is no pressure to sing pretty. 😉  

What if I can’t make this time?


No problem, let me know what times could work for you and I will add you to a special email list. You’ll get an email if a class opens at that time 🙂