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Yes, you can learn how to sing, even if you don’t sing a single note in tune, and yes, I know because I’ve been there.


Are you ready to feel good about your singing? Are you ready to see some realistic milestones reached? When I first started singing, there was NOTHING out there saying it was even possible to learn how to sing in tune. Lots of things promised the world, but not the simple desire to sing, enjoy it, and not feel embarrassed about it because you feel absolute clarity on where you’re at as a singer and where you’re going. 


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Have you wanted to learn how to sing but you don’t think you’re “talented” enough? This guide shows:

  • The Most Common Types of Beginning Singers

  • The Stages of Vocal Growth When it Comes to Singing in Tune

  • What Type of Beginning Singer You Are

  • Tests to Measure Your Current Skill Level

  • How to Figure Out What Vocal Skills You Need to Learn vs. What Skills You May Already Have

  • The Vocal Skills That Are Hardly Ever Described in Detail on the Web Yet at Least 50% of All Singers Need to Learn to Sing Confidently!


This guide will not always be free but will be part of a larger online course devoted to all my would-be singers that would much rather have a clear path laid out with milestones along the way then get lost and over-whelmed in all the random, out-of-context singing information out there.

Most voice teachers start off as great singers. Unfortunately, never understanding what it’s like to not know how to sing in tune is a REAL barrier to making systems that work and make sense to someone who wants to learn how to sing in tune. I was given the gift of no talent as a beginning singer. I call it a gift because I can now give a concrete path to singing in tune, with a first person understanding from beginning to end of the entire process.

Even now, years later, there is nothing that describes the journey which most beginning singers have to take to sing in tune with accuracy and confidence. After having taught young and old how to sing in tune again and again, it’s time to empower you, the would-be singer with the milestones of vocal growth that actually make sense to the real-world beginning singer I see in my vocal studio every day.

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