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Online Voice Lessons  

with Chris 

Gain Confidence and Control in Your Singing, Even if You’ve Been Told You “Couldn’t Sing” in the Past or You Currently Feel Stuck in Your Abilities

I wasn’t sure if lessons would make a difference…

“I can’t speak highly enough of Chris. He has far exceeded my expectations as a vocal coach. Before I met Chris I was skeptical that I could even become a better singer. I wasn’t sure if lessons would even make a difference. After a couple months of taking
lessons with Chris...

Si Win 

Feel Clarity and Direction with Your Voice Through Clear, Helpful Feedback

With Chris I feel I am finally going somewhere better with my voice...

I have been a musician and singer all my life but have had some trouble understanding the theories behind correct singing and their practical applications. I have always known I needed help with certain aspects of my singing, but I didn't even know how to explain what I needed help with in a way that made sense. With Chris I feel I am finally going somewhere better with my voice and my
understanding of what singing is.

Annie D. 

Feel Empowered to Grow As a Singer By Not Only Learning How to Sing, but How To Be a Better Teacher To Yourself

An Adventure in Personal Discovery Development

“Working with Chris is and adventure in personal discovery and development. As a retired research librarian I had to asky myself why.

— Actively Diagnostic — Chris found out for himself where I actually am. We started with a (very) short music / singing history, a directional goal based on what I hoped to do, then actual breath and sound work to find out what my breath and sound was at that very moment. He even used that diagnostic process to begin to help me become aware of what I’m doing now. For example, to breathe in a specific way and notice what happened, and describe it. Then breathe a different way and compare it. Already I was learning the physical awareness I need to develop.

— Discovery not Dogma.– After the first month of lessons I still haven’t been told what ‘the right way’ to do something is. At least not by Chris.
My whole body is telling me what it prefers to do when I’m not telling it to things ‘my’ way.


Sing Consistently in Tune

As a “tone deaf” singer, I started with absolutely no skill, which means that I can walk with you every step of the way to singing on key consistently, and if you’re an advanced singer, you’ll benefit from the unique insights I had to learn as a signer to progress

Pave the Way to Vocal Power

Instead of wearing your voice out trying to sing more powerfully, discover the hidden breathing skills you need that pave the way to vocal power.

Make Faster Progress in Singing by Sharpening Your Senses 

Sharpen your senses so that you don’t waste so much time,  attention and energy either doing the wrong exercises for your voice, or doing the right exercises wrongly.

Sing Well, Even When You’re Nervous

Taking voice lessons with Chris, you’ll not only practice and build the skills to sing well even when you’re nervous, you’ll get real-life opportunities to perform through mini-performances in lessons and the Singer’s Workshop, the ONLY place where you get an intermediate step between practicing by yourself and performing for the general public.

Learn to Sing the Right Melody and Harmony Notes with Guitar, Piano or Backing Track

Learn how to sing the right notes, even when you have a karaoke backing track, guitar or piano accompaniment. Build the skill to harmonize, improvise and be able to start singing when someone just picks up a guitar and start playing.

Release Stubborn Tension Habits

Do you “sing from your throat”? Feel like your voice is “stuck” or that you’re “stuck” with your voice? Feel the ingrained tension habits giving way to freedom and fun in your singing. 

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Handy Exercises for Your First Online Voice Lesson

The exercises below I recommend for all my students, but especially online students. When you have these exercises handy, it makes it really easy to sing along with in your online voice lessons without that delay that happens when I play the exercises for you.

The Find Your Range Vocal Exercise Set

 Audio Track + PDF Guide + Video Guide 

Recommended for you if you are a beginning singer or an intermediate singer and you don’t play piano or read music.

The Single Note Exercise Set

 Audio Tracks + PDF Worksheet + Sheet Music 

Recommended for all beginner singers and most intermediate singers. 

The 3 Note Blank Canvas Exercise Set

 MP3 + PDF Worksheet + Sheet Music 

The simple 3 note blank canvas exercise is what you need for any new and challenging techniques you may be learning in your singing. It helps you apply any new technique to a change of pitch. It’s also a great warm up. Learn more here. 

Note Leaps Exercise Set

 MP3 + PDF Worksheets

 The one 1-3-5 exercise and the 1-8-5-3-1 exercises are simple exercises most beginner singers will need for getting accustomed to leaps in their voice. Once memorized, it can also be used for the VPI-Harmonic and Melodic Skill. 

The Vocal Pitch Independence  Exercise Set Harmonic & Melodic

 Audio Tracks + PDF Worksheet + Sheet Music

+ Guide

For singing with a backing track, guitar chords, piano or any other instruments, most beginning singers will need this exercise to get better at singing the right notes with chords. 

Get all the Exercises as Part of the  

Jumpstart Your Singing Kit  



The Single Note Exercise Set 
The 1-3-5 Note Exercise Set 
The Find Your Range Exercise Kit 
The 3 Note Blank Canvas Exercise Set 
The 1-3-5 Vocal Pitch Independence Exercise Set


  When you buy the kit for $39, 

You’ll Receive the Guide to Consistency so you have the right exercises and easy tools to stay consistent practicing them. 

As a singer who started from scratch, I know what it’s like to struggle to sing the right notes. I know what it’s like to work with teacher after teacher, and feel like no one can help. After having spent many years learning the science of how your voice works, how habits work, how to build strong self-awareness and build resilient confidence in (and acceptance of) your singing, I’m here for you. I’m so glad you’re here, and I can’t wait to work with you to make singing a deeply joyful and gratifying journey for you.