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Middle School Voice Lesson Info

Synergistic Singing Voice Studio of Chris Abdo 

4 Steps to Begin Voice Lessons:

STEP 1: Quickly Reply Letting Me Know You Received My Email

STEP 2: Purchase first month of lessons ($59) online (you'll receive an invoice via Square) to reserve your time.

STEP 3: Read and Sign Contract Signature Page 

STEP 4: Bring Back Signed  Signature Page 

The Flat Rate Plan at $59 Per Month

The Flat Rate Fee Covers: 

  • A Minimum of 22 Voice Lesson Opportunities Over the School Year*
  • Sheet Music & Karaoke/Accompaniment Practice Tracks (up to 2) $29.50
  • Recital, Billing & Scheduling Fee $29.50

*Because there are often school holidays on Mondays, your invoices may be adjusted if you receive a Monday lesson time to account for fewer lessons.

The Flat-Rate Plan:

All lessons are paid for in advance to reserve your lesson times. With the Flat-Rate plan, you pay a flat-rate per month to have weekly lessons at a regular time or alternating time  over the same set of days. Since at least 22 voice lessons opportunities will be offered for the course of the school year (all extra are free) there are no make-up lessons or reschedules for the flat-rate plan, you just skip that week and resume the following week.

Cancelling Lessons on the Flat-Rate Plan: All cancellations must be made 24hrs in advance to remain in voice lessons. There are no make-ups or reschedules if the student cancels a lesson.  If I have to cancel a lesson, you will always receive a make-up lesson.  If for any reason you cancel the make-up lesson, then you will be charged the same and will not receive an additional make-up lesson. You are always charged the same monthly rate regardless of attendance, but excessive absences or no-shows will result in being removed from the studio with no refund.

All lessons are paid for in advance. To participate in the Flat-Rate Plan, parents and students must sign up for the entire school year. If a student drops out of voice lessons or is removed from my studio for not abiding by my policies (such as excessive no-shows) there will be no refunds. Parents and/or the Paying Party  agree to pay for any remaining lesson fees owed for the remainder of the month and will not receive a refund for any previous payments made, regardless of how many lessons have been taken.  If a voice lesson happens to land on the 16th of the month and payment hasn’t been made online by the 15th, that lesson and all following lessons will automatically be canceled and the student will be removed from voice lessons immediately, regardless of how many lessons have or have not been taken, that spot will then be offered to my waiting list. There are also no refunds unless I am physically incapable of teaching pre-purchased lessons due to dire circumstances.

The Flat-Rate Payment Schedule:

First payment before first voice lesson…………………………..…………….…………….…$59

Due on or the lesson before Oct. 15th…………………………………………..….……....……..$59

Due on or the lesson before Nov. 15th …………………………………………………..………..$59

Due on or the lesson before Dec. 15th………………………………………………………...…..$59

Due on or the lesson before Jan. 15th………………………………………………………….....$59

Due on or the lesson before Feb. 15th………………………………………………………...…..$59

Due on or the lesson before March. 15th…………………..………………………………....…..$59               

When Payment is Due: The 15th or the lesson BEFORE the 15th of each month

Invoices are sent to your email address before the 15th of each month.

After your first payment, which will be on or before the first lesson, your regular payment schedule will be the 15th of each month. If you would rather pay by check than online, bring your check/cash to the lesson BEFORE the 15th of the month. If a voice lesson happens to land on the 16th of the month and payment hasn’t been made online by the 15th,  that lesson and all following lessons will automatically be canceled and the student will be removed from voice lessons immediately, regardless of how many lessons have or have not been taken. In addition,  that spot will then be offered to my waiting list.

Payments Options:




Failure to Pay

If for any reason payment has not been made by the 15th, the student will be immediately removed from the studio and all the students on the waiting list will be notified of a new lesson time opening.   I reserve the right to discontinue voice lessons until that bill is paid in full or discontinue lessons permanently if I have any doubt that my time is not being respected. There are also no refunds unless I am physically incapable of teaching pre-purchased lessons due to dire circumstances.

Let's Have the Heart-to-Heart Before We Start:

It is a monumental amount of scheduling work to teach at music schools, online, my own studio and public schools with A/B scheduling! I do this happily because it gives me the opportunity to teach singing, which I love.  I love what I do, and I want to keep that way, so students can develop a life-long passion for singing. That means I only work with students and parents that are willing to put in the small amount of effort it takes to be considerate of my time and efforts. Some students have never taken voice lessons before, so it’s hard to know how to do that, plus every teacher has different policies.  As a result of this, I’ve answered questions you might have about attendance , billing, reviews and feedback. You’re welcome to email me if anything is unclear or you have any additional questions before signing the contract.

What are make-ups?

You canceled a lesson (at least 24hrs in advance), and request an additional free lesson time to make up that lesson. No Make-Ups on the Flat-Rate Plan (unless I have to cancel).

What are lesson time swaps (LTS)?

A lesson time swap  is when you ask at least 72hrs in advance if you can switch your lesson time with another student's lesson time, assuming you, the student you’re switching with, the student's parents, and your parents all agree. You will need to work that out on your own and request that reschedule at least 72hrs in advance.  

What if I don't show up to a make-up lesson, or a LTS lesson, or try to cancel a LTS lesson or make-up lesson?

All those are considered no-shows. No-shows get you removed from voice lessons. I only teach those who will work to make themselves available for lessons every week.

I’m gone a lot for extracurricular activities. If I have to cancel often, how does the billing work?

As long you notify me 24hrs in advance of every absence, you can remain in my studio. You still have to pay for every lesson missed.

What do you mean by “Voice Lesson Opportunities”?

A voice lesson opportunity means that I am in the practice/voice studio room, at a pre-decided time, waiting for you to show up to your lesson. The minimum for the Flat-Rate Plan will be 22 voice lesson opportunities. All lessons past the 22 on the Flat-Rate Plan are given for free. Students who do not attend all 22 lessons however, will still pay for all 22, assuming I allow them to remain in my studio.

What if there is a fire drill, or presentation at the school, or testing is going on that day? Do I get a make-up lesson?

For the Flat-Rate Plan: No.  I have already accounted for most everything that could go wrong (even school fires!) and lowered the monthly rate to account for that. I make sure that you have 22 voice lessons opportunities over the course of the entire year, no matter what. Usually students already receive more than the 22, so make-ups are not necessary.

Here's where you come in: I ask the teacher, you, and your parents to tell me of all these events in the beginning of the semester, and to stay in communication with me if anything changes. The school makes no effort to inform me of events, so I have no way of knowing events during school. So it's up to all of you to tell me. If you, your parents, or your teacher never tells me of an event going on that would interrupt the lesson time, then that's counted as a no show and you will be charged full price for that lesson. So please inform me at the beginning of the year of any and all known school events that might interrupt lesson times, then again throughout the year of any changes. I promise I will show up, so I expect the same from you.

What about after-school voice lessons on STAAR or other standardized testing days? Are we still scheduled for a lesson?

No lessons during or after school are scheduled on standardized testing days that all or most of the students will be taking.

Hopefully Frequently Asked Questions:

I had the best experience ever taking voice lessons with you! How can I say thank you?

Gee, thanks for asking! :-)!  You can say thank you by writing a review with both general and specific things you liked about voice lessons.  I am listed in several sites such as Yelp and Google Maps, search for SynergisticSinging.

Side note:

For very good reasons, review sites don't want me to give out free lessons or incentives in order to get reviews. I totally agree with this, a great reputation is earned by caring and continuously improving, not bribing! What this means though is that I depend on you to have great fun singing, find the experience valuable and then be so amazingly nice as to share what it was like for you.  What a lot of people don't know is that anytime you write a positive review of me, your lessons get better. Why? Because reviews lead to me having to do less marketing work, which means more time developing new ways to make your lessons an ever-better experience. Whether or not you ever write a review for me personally, I strongly encourage you to write reviews and give feedback for small businesses you believe in. You have no idea how helpful it is unless you're one of them!

I have a ton of ideas, comments, and other things I'd like to share with you about voice lessons, how can I do that?

That’s great! You’re welcome to share! At the end of the year I will have a survey for parents and students to share as much as you would like in the comments section. Almost every new project I take on (like my YouTube channel) is a result of student feedback, so please do make an effort to share!

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