Download the Breathe to the Music Track Below

Some fun variations to try...

Variation 1:

Place hands on your ribs and see how smoothly and softly you can allow them to move on the exhale. Later, when you sing a song, you want to mimic this movement. Notice any skips and jerk in the movement, and try to smooth those out.

Variation 2: 

Try the same exercises with the mouth open, but breathing through the noseAdmittedly, this variation will probably be a little awkward in public, so do it in the bathroom. This is an EXCELLENT way to practice not using tension in the throat (which is often the case when your mouth is closed) to control your airflow, but instead use your whole body in smooth and easy motions to control airflow.

Later on, there will be many more variations you can try with exercise, so consider it the base of a cake…you can style the frosting a million different ways depending on what you need or what you’d like to create ?

Have fun! And if you want a longer version of this track without narration…shoot me an email…I’m working on one.

What is the Breathe to the Music Track?

Want to know what this track is all about before you try? Read below…

It turns out that your ability to focus, to sing and to breathe better, are all connected. There is one issue though: life today is really REALLY lived on screens, so I’d like to help your singing, but without adding to your screen time…in fact, I’d like to help you counteract all the negative effects of screen time…(like screen apnea, where you stop breathing because your eyes have been focused on one spot for too long…which tells your brain “I’m in danger!”).

So here’s what this track will do:
You’ll download the track, make sure its downloaded to whatever device you’re using, and, for 7min, turn the Internet off. You can put your phone on airplane mode, turn off wifi…whatever you need. Then put everything on Do Not Disturb, close your eyes, and listen and practice with the track.

Download the track HERE, or if you have more time and questions, I’ve answered a few below.

How does it work?
In this track, we’ll be focusing on the core movement of singing: the slow and steady exhale. You'll hear notes that you'll coordinate your breathing with. I’ll let the track explain the rest.

What if I’m in my car, in public or traveling?

You don’t actually have to make any sounds to practice along with this track. So it’s perfect for you if you’re in a situation where you can’t practice singing, but want to practice one of the core movements of singing. It's easy enough that you can drive and practice with the track.

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