Finally, you can improve your breathing in singing and know you're on the right track 

Learn to breathe better for singing, even if you've never sung before or  you've been totally lost trying to make sense of all the techniques out there... 

Singing feels needlessly frustrating when you don't know what breathing exercises will make a difference and how to tell you're doing them right.

You're singing a song, running out of air, losing control over your voice or feeling stuck like you can't reach a note. Then you go down a YouTube black hole only to find bits and pieces of tips and exercises you're trying to cobble together into a practice routine.   There are all these different schools of thought, methods and opinions on singing with no way to know who’s “right” when you don’t even know what’s possible for your voice right now or if you’d even be doing the exercises correctly.  

You’re in this position where you have to choose who and what to learn from when it comes to singing, but of course, you’re not the expert, so how do you CHOOSE a course or an expert!? How would you know? You just have to assume. What makes it tougher is that every teacher and course seems to be saying different teacher says "breathing technique doesn't matter" another online course will say "you should sing from your diaphragm" (what does that even mean?) some say to breathe "down low" or to "keep the tone spinning". How do you make sense of all the random tips given and how would you even know if you're "spinning your sound" or "singing from your diaphragm?". 

This gets really frustrating and it feels like your spinning your wheels. Do you have to feel stuck in your singing or lost all the time? How do build an internal "compass" that helps you know where to go next with your voice? 

Then you'll do a whole set of exercises, but no one explains WHY you do the exercise. What is the point of the exercise? It would be amazing if you could have a way to see the purpose of each exercise and how it connects to your singing and test it out to see if it actually helps you in a song, and then just keep the things that work and let go of what doesn't seem to help right now. Isn't that the whole point of doing singing exercises anyway, to sing a song?   

What are the MAIN things to focus on when you are trying to sing better for the first time, or when you’re an experienced singer stuck at the same place in your technique? 

What if there was a way to both get better at breathing for singing, get better at sensing if an exercise is benefiting your voice, AND be able to make better sense of all the conflicting information out there when it comes to singing? 

You CAN get better at choosing the right exercises for you, at sensing if an exercise is helping and make realistic progress as a singer NO MATTER YOUR starting point. 

You can learn to feel and hear that a technique is working for you so you know when you’re with the right course, technique or teacher.  You can find your starting point with singing technique amidst all the noise and have a lifetime anchor that brings you back to square one and simplifies singing technique again when you get lost in the details. 

To be a better singer, you need to develop your ability to FEEL your breathing and HEAR how it affects your singing, then you need helpful, direct exercises that you TEST out to make sure they actually work for you in an actual song. 

 This is why, as a voice teacher (who had no ability starting out and has totally been through all this too) I’ve created: 

The Breathing for Singing Course

The Breathing for Singing Course is an online course designed to help you better sense your breathing in singing so you can better tell if an exercise is helping you, know the why behind an exercise and make realistic progress when it comes to singing. With this course, you can last through your phrases, get more power and freedom in your voice, and be empowered to learn from any other singing techniques moving forward.  

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

When you sign up, you'll get instant access to over 25 videos + PDF Guides for easy reference when you practice. This course is set-up for you to go at your own pace. You can move through the entire course in a month, but the exercises are relevant for life. That means you'll revisit them time and time again to find balance, power and freedom in your singing while you discover more and more  benefits in your singing over your lifetime. 

Last Through Your Phrases

Experience how much easier it is to sing when you last through your phrases and finally understand what exactly you do for that to happen. 

Pave the Way to Vocal Power

Instead of wearing your voice out trying to sing more powerfully, discover the hidden breathing skills you need that pave the way to vocal power.

Release Stubborn Tension Habits

Do you “sing from your throat”? Feel like your voice is “stuck” or that you’re “stuck” with your voice? Join the course and feel the ingrained tension habits giving way to freedom and fun in your singing. 

Make Faster Progress in Singing by Sharpening Your Senses 

Join the course to help you sharpen your senses so that you don’t waste so much time, money and energy either doing the wrong exercises for your voice, or doing the right exercises wrongly.

Here's what’s in the Breathing for Singing Course


Module 1: The Exhale + The 3 Ways to Last Through a Phrase 

There are THOUSANDS of exercises for the exhale out there, where do you start!?  In this module, we break down them down to just 3 main ways. 

The same exact exhale technique and exercise can be AMAZING for one singer and not helpful at all for another! So in this module, we cover the exhale from completely different angles like "The Hold",  "The Float", "The Slow Release" and more so you can better sense which exhales are helpful vs unhelpful for you. 


Module 2: The Inhale

Is your inhale shallow and tight? Not sure how to breathe in with ease? Not sure how to breathe in between those short moments between phrases? This module is for you! We cover "The Deep Inhale Reflex" and "The Deep Active Inhale" which are lessons that you help you breathe in deeply without even trying, and breathe in fully.


Module 3: Where Do We Breathe and How Much? 

Where do we breathe for singing? Into the belly? the back? How much air do we need for singing? How can we breathe better between phrases? 


Module 4: Turning Air Into Sound 

In this module, we'll take a look at how our voice turns air into sound and how it can help us last through phrases, sing less breathy, reduce tension in our singing and feel more clearly what's happening when we sing.


Bonus Sessions and Features 

Bonus 1
Liftetime Access

Mastery requires mindful repetition over time. As long as this course is up you can revisit the sessions again and again to keep your singing on track! 

Bonus 2
Live Online Q&A

When you sign up, you'll get access to a Q&A session to discuss the technique and seem them in action!

Bonus 3
2 Local Austin Workshop for Singers classes
($86 value!)

When you sign up, you'll get FREE access to the Singer's Workshop, a place where we'll be going through the techniques, answering questions and working with example volunteers. 

About The Course Teacher,
Chris Abdo 

Chris Abdo went from not being able to match a single pitch (often referred to as 'tone deaf') to winning a state competition in high school, obtaining a degree in voice, and working with teachers that span the singing world...from Metropolitan Opera stars, to Juilliard graduates, to researchers ​ in the field of voice science. 

What he discovered along the way was that many teachers had talent first, skill second. Because Chris had to learn byskill first, he was able to fill in the gaps from the absolute beginner singer to the good (or even professional) singer. Helping hundreds of students succeed at singing no matter where they start from, Chris can confidently say "of course you can learn to sing!". 

That wasn't the end of the story though. What about when you're stuck? When you have the right exercises but don't seem to know how to do them correctly? This burning question launched a 15-year journey to better understand how singing is a movement, how movements are habits and how we can see past the movement habits that blind us and limit us in our singing. This inspired Chris to create the Breathing for Singing Course. The course not only has a bird's eye view of the main techniques out there that are helpful for breathing, but also helps YOU sense your own unique vocal and breathing habits more clearly. 

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25+ Video Lessons + PDF Guides +Q&A +Workshops

Here’s what people are saying about Chris...

Jeanine W.

PHD Psychologist

He is by far the best teacher I have ever had...

“I cannot recommend Chris highly enough. I have taken voice 5 or 6 times in the past, and he is by far the best teacher I have ever had. He is clearly extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and is a natural teacher. Excellent at putting you at ease, he first gets to know your voice and your musical preferences, and tailors his teaching to what is best for you individually. His explanations, suggestions, and exercises are all clear and helpful. He also has a sense of humor, and knows how to make each lesson enjoyable and fun. I can’t think of anything I would change, and I feel fortunate to have him as a teacher. “

Annie D. 

Praise Team Lead Singer 

With Chris I feel I am finally going somewhere better with my voice...

I have been a musician and singer all my life but have had some trouble understanding the theories behind correct singing and their practical applications. I have always known I needed help with certain aspects of my singing, but I didn't even know how to explain what I needed help with in a way that made sense. With Chris I feel I am finally going somewhere better with my voice and my understanding of what singing is.

The first thing you notice when you are getting acquainted is that Chris has a pleasant and gracious presence. He is also fun/funny, yet task-oriented. I would imagine with his personality he could make any man, woman or child, whether an experienced vocalist or not, feel at ease enough to bust out singing and get to work!

Chris is so good at telling you 1) what to work on 2) exactly how to work on it and 3) explaining why it will help, which is huge for me. After my first lesson I found myself practicing techniques and exercises he taught me and I almost jumped out of my skin at how much better he'd already made me.

Teaching singing seems to be second nature to Chris. I truly feel he holds all the good info to give people to help them excel. Definitely try his lessons, whether you want to learn how to sing for the first time, get better at singing, or already sound like Mariah Carey but just want someone cool to hang out with!

Caomhán R.

An Active & Collaborative Approach to Teaching this Adult Beginner

“Working with Chris is and adventure in personal discovery and development. As a retired research librarian I had to asky myself why.

— Actively Diagnostic — Chris found out for himself where I actually am. We started with a (very) short music / singing history, a directional goal based on what I hoped to do, then actual breath and sound work to find out what my breath and sound was at that very moment. He even used that diagnostic process to begin to help me become aware of what I’m doing now. For example, to breathe in a specific way and notice what happened, and describe it. Then breathe a different way and compare it. Already I was learning the physical awareness I need to develop.

— Discovery not Dogma.– After the first month of lessons I still haven’t been told what ‘the right way’ to do something is. At least not by Chris. My whole body is telling me what it prefers to do when I’m not telling it to things ‘my’ way.

— Experiential Learning. — The beginning for me is to learn to feel breath in my body, to be aware of where it is and how it moves, and what happens to other systems in the body. A new version of learning to rub your tummy while patting your head.

— Collegial and Collaborative.— I’ve begun to think of lessons with Chris as a series of experiments with comments on results of each step, repeating steps as needed, then again with variations. Chris may be the ‘lead investigator’ guiding the experiments, but as co-experimentor I have the dual role of being the subject and a primary observer (aka ‘student’). I’ve asked Chris to repeat an experiment so I see what it looks like from the outside, and to get a better idea of the process.

— Awake and Aware.– Or as I’m more used to calling it – mindfulness. I check in with my body several times a day to see what the breath and body systems are doing at that moment and relate it to the lesson and earlier check-ins. There is a (nearly) daily practice session, focused on 1 to 3 points that emerged from the work in the last lesson.

** Though it’s been only a month since I began working with Chris, I find not only chages in vocal qualities, but some of the principles are creeping constructively into other areas of life (including saxophone lessons).
– – –
When considering the review consider also the reviewer background: Age 59, my last (“real”) music lesson (piano) was 51 years ago, and my last music class was in 6th grade (almost 50 years ago, when we played soprano recorders for a few weeks). Truly a beginner!”

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A Note from Chris...

This is the course I wish I had when I first started singing, when I felt frustrated and alone in my singing journey a few years in and is now the course I still come back to again and again to balance my breathing technique. I've put my heart and soul into this course and I can't wait to have this be a life-long companion in your singing journey!