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Singing Confidence Class 

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"This class helped take away the fear of performing .”

Shelly  P.

What if I can't make that time? 

Contact Chris with your questions on singing or what you'd hope to do with your singing...and you'll get answers covered in the next workshop where you'll get a link to watch later. 

Questions? Ask Away! 

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Email: Chris [at]

Phone: 512-814-8932

Frequently Asked Questions

What?! Do I have to sing?!

First off, no. So take a deep breath. We're going to apply all of the techniques I may cover on Saturday to your speaking voice. It's all good.

What is the Singing Confidence Class?

The Singing Confidence Class is designed to help you see and overcome the things that undermine your confidence as a singer. During the class, you’ll be guided through the REAL process of learning how to sing from scratch, the keys to “sounding good” when you sing and a Q&A where you can get your singing questions answered. During the class, you can also ask any questions you may have when deciding between vocal coaches, methods, etc.

Did I Mention the Goodies? 

After the class, you'll get a set of confidence-boosting-goodies that you'll come back to again and again in your singing whenever you feel lost or off track with your singing confidence. 

What age group is this for?

This class is specifically for adults 18 on up. Teens must be accompanied by a parent AND the parent has to take the class too.

Am I too old to sing?

You are never too old to sing and in fact I have several singers I work with in the 40-80 age range that love lessons!