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HyeJee B.

"This was even more helpful for me than lessons in an interesting way... READ MORE 

Chris Abdo 

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So what's a SingBack Loop? 

Singback Loops have the convenience of an online course (without the overwhelm and getting lost)  with the effectiveness of 1-on-1 feedback like what you would get in a voice lesson (but at an easy-peasy price and without having to schedule a time). There are many variants of Singback Loops, but the bare-bones of it is you’ll send in a 30 second recording of yourself singing, OR of a singer you’d like an analysis on and get feedback from Chris plus exercises (if applicable). 

Who are SingBack Loops for? 

Singback Loops give you the  crucial 1-on-1 feedback (both beginner & experienced singers) from Chris, exactly what you need to succeed in singing without the one-way communication of a course or the scheduling challenges of lessons. 

Perfect for those of you who may already be taking lessons but want to up level your training (without adding another lesson each week), or for those of you who need an affordable alternative to lessons, or for those of you who may have very little time and want super-bite-sized mini-lessons to work with to keep your singing alive and growing.

Singback loops are for beginning singers who have had AT LEAST one recent lesson with Chris before (to map out your voice and skill level) or for experienced singers (you’ve been singing for at least a year and/or performed before, or have a few years experience with another instrument) looking for feedback on their singing or to get analyses on their favorite singers.

You'll come away with new insights in your voice, easy exercises to work with (depending which option you choose) to develop and reclaim your vocal freedom and power. You'll hear new things in your voice (or any recordings of other singers you send in) that will spark your curiosity and deepen your enjoyment of your voice and singing.

Decide what you'll record 

Send anything you like 30sec or less, or just ask Chris 

Purchase a SingBack Loop & Send a Recording In

Make your recording, purchase one fo the options below and send it off! 

Get Real Help from Chris & Get Insight Into Your Singing 

You'll get a link emailed to you of an audio or video response within 1 week. 

How does the process work? 


Pick Your 30 Second Recording 

Decide what clip, either 30 seconds of your own singing or of another singer you like and want more analysis on. I can spend a whole hour on just 30 seconds, so that's why I keep it short :)


 Purchase the SingBack Loop

Chooose which option you would like! $7, $17, or $27 


Send an email with your recording (or link) to: 



Hear back from Chris so you can learn something new and uplevel your singing! Yay!

It will usually take about a week, often sooner :) 

About Chris 

Hi, I’m Chris, when I first started singing, I had no natural talent. I wasn’t even able to sing a single note in tune, much less “sound good” on a song. So if you’re a beginning singer, I’ve been there. When I later went on to get my college degree in singing and performed across classical and contemporary styles, I saw the disconnect that you might be facing in your singing: understanding what’s really possible in your voice, figuring out if you can sound good, if you’re singing correctly, if you can sing in new styles…or find your own style. With simple, clear exercises and an encouraging, let’s-learn-together, no-judgement, enjoy-your-voice-as-it-is-while-you-improve style, I’m here for you and I can’t wait to get on this singing journey with you.

3 Easy Options to Choose From 

Just-Curious Singback Loop  

Off-the cuff, “here’s what I hear” response from Chris. This will either be in audio or video format, and you'll get a link to the recording.

Casual Singback Loop  

“Here’s what I hear” audio or video response from Chris PLUS a recommended exercise.

Car-Practice-Ready  Singback Loop   

An in depth video analysis of the recording, recommended exercises AND an audio recording to practice along with in the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

 I might not know what exactly sounds off or what I’m struggling with...can you just tell me what I could work on to make it better? 

This is where the SingBack Loop really shines! I can tell you what the main thing is to work on that will make your song and singing better,  why it will work and also give you a little encouragement to keep going :) 

Do I have to listen to the recording I make?

Nope! If you’re nervous about hearing yourself, just record and send. Don’t worry about it :) it’s more important that I can hear you and respond and once you’re ready you can listen back.

How do I decide what to record?

Beginning singers must have had at least one lesson with Chris in the past before trying a sing back loop. You’ll work with the first 30 seconds of singing (or even just one phrase) of a song that’s in your vocal comfort zone.
You can also send in a recording of the 3 note scale or one of the exercises you’ve practiced with Chris. If you’re not sure, you can always ask Chris.

If you’re an experienced singer (at least one year of singing experience or you can read sheet music or some combo). 

You don't need prior lessons with Chris if you're an experienced singer in order to try a SingBack Loop. You can send in whatever you like, the time limit is 30 seconds. Make sure to include your reason for sending the recording in. 

Here are some common reasons:

- Is this a good song for me to work on?

- “I’m having trouble singing this note/phrase...what do you hear and suggest?”

- I want to sound better here but I don’t know where to start
- “How do I…”?

- What else could I do with this phrase to explore and establish my style?

- I have an audition, what should I do here?

- Could you just break down what you are hearing?

- Not sure your reason? That’s okay, just ask Chris to help you put it into words.

How many rounds of recording should I do and how do I choose which one to send? 

Just one round! Only do more takes if you need them to more clearly demonstrate something you're trying to get feedback on...for instance, if you're sometimes missing a certain note, it's unintentional and it takes a few rounds to show when it randomly happens. This is NOT a performance. I don't want to hear the polished version of your voice, I want to hear the "I just rolled out of bed and haven't put my make-up on yet" version. Be raw. Know that I will love working with your voice as it is now, I will observe a lot but I will not judge you or your voice or what you're capable of. This isn't just safe space between us, it's a thriving, nurturing, exciting space!

Can you help with breathing technique, belting, mix voice, avoiding vocal breaks, singing with confidence, etc? 

Yes and remember to mention any of those things along with your submitted recording so I can touch on those. 

How good does the audio quality need to be?

A smart phone recording is totally do-able! Just make sure there isn't a lawnmower right outside your door or an instrument/backing track playing so loud I can't actually hear your voice clearly. The more I hear just your voice, the better.

Should I sing with a recording or just by myself?

If you're a beginning singer, you'll most likely need to sing with a recording...like an MP3 of your song or exercise, or playing a YouTube video of the singer to sing along with, etc. You need to play your song on a separate device from what you're recording with, most commonly singers will play the song on their computer, and record their voice with their phone.

For more experienced singers, both or either will work and I'll ask for a second recording if I need to.

How should I record?

Use an app on your phone or something you can record your voice with and if you're playing a track, don't use the same device you're using for recording. So play the track on your computer and record your singing onto your phone and presto! you're good to go. 

When a SingBack Loop helps more than a course or lesson...

Hyejee B 


I recommend SingBack Loops  to someone who doesn't have the time to take lessons (or right now due to covid, travel to take physical lessons) or doesn't have the money to take full weekly lessons. It's a good in-depth analysis of your singing, broken down in a detailed and easy-to-understand manner.

I wasn't sure what exactly to expect, but I found the video explanation with the document very helpful. Also, I would say it's a great product since I get to review my own recording immediately in the video with your notes. This was even more helpful for me than lessons in an interesting way...I get to analyze my own singing through playback, something that is not readily available in lessons. (Sometimes it's hard to correct yourself when you can't hear what you did wrong in real-time).

I really like the SingBack Loops and appreciate the honest feedbacks on the song. I also like how you explained the detailed inner mechanics involved with each technique - I think that helps understand the concepts even further (beyond just ex. "work on your breathing, here's an exercise). 

Pick Your Option Below

Just-Curious Singback Loop  

Off-the cuff, “here’s what I hear” response from Chris. This will either be in audio or video format, and you'll get a link to the recording.

Casual Singback Loop  

“Here’s what I hear” audio or video response from Chris PLUS a recommended exercise.

Car-Practice Ready  Singback Loop   

in depth video analysis of the recording, recommended exercises AND an audio recording to practice along with in the car.

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