Learn How to Sing Without Running Out of Air, 

Even if You’ve Tried Lessons & Exercises in the Past...

and Still Found Yourself Breathless.

Learn to last through your phrases for singing, even if you've never sung before or  you've been totally lost trying to make sense of all the techniques out there... 

 The Problem: You're running out of air when you sing... when you're out of air, 

it’s not just those epic long notes that are tough,

everything in your singing is harder

Breathing is to singing what the gas pedal and brake pedal is to a car. To sing a note, it starts with air flow moving at a certain speed. The speed you drive is critical to your effectiveness and safety…the speed, pressure rate, volume, shape and smoothness of air dictates how everything else in your singing will go.

So when you run out of air, it's like you're stranded in the middle of nowhere with no gas in the car. You'll get a helpless feeling like your out of control. When you sing, you'll feel your body tighten to try to squeeze out that last bit of air and feel your throat constrict, which makes it soooo hard to focus on or change anything in your singing, because there is literally NO ROOM for your voce to move.

Or maybe you don't feel that? Maybe instead you just involuntarily inhale in the middle of a long note without even intending to? Or your voice breaks into a yodel and becomes weak and breathy?

Wasn't singing supposed to be a free-ing experience? Cathartic? It's kind of hard to enjoy singing and expressing yourself if you literally can't breathe.

 The Solution: The Sing All Note Long Course

The Sing All Note Long course was created by Chris, who has experienced and overcome exactly what you’re experiencing when it comes to running out air and has helped hundreds of others do the same thing.

The Sing All Note Long course isn’t limited to showing you one method or technique. It’s a curation of 13 years of research of nearly all the breathing techniques out there, distilled down to one easy-to-apply course.

The Sing All Note Long course is specifically designed to not just show you the best techniques for improving your breathing, but helps you sense you’re own unique breathing habits that will affect and change how you apply the exercises FOR YOU.

Let's get some myths out of the way

“To sing louder, you need to push more air out”

That is DEAD WRONG! This is the underlying assumption we think whenever we are seeing singers sing loud notes, but it’s actually THE OPPOSITE!

If your speaking habits are in good shape, you can try this experiment:

Have fingers touching your lips to notice your airflow and say at a soft, almost whispered volume, “hello, how are you?” notice how much air comes out. Now do the same thing but at a loud volume.

If your speaking habits are in good shape and/or your singing habits weren’t triggered by accident, you’ll hopefully notice that LESS air comes out when you make louder sounds. 

 "Just Support More" ...wait what? 

That’s not exactly wrong, it’s just usually not helpful because what does support even mean? If you are able to speak without running out of air throughout the day, why learn how to “support” when you can, first, use the natural ability you have in your speech to last through phrases?  Start with the low hanging fruit, yeah? Your technique and voice will thank you.

"You have to take in a big breath"

Actually, sometimes that helps, sometimes that is the OPPOSITE of what you want to do! Why is that? The more air you take in, the higher air pressure you’ll feel inside your body and the stronger the urge to let your air out. Try holding a small amount of air in. Now take a huge breath in and try holding that in. If your habit is underfill with air, you might find it easier to hold back that larger amount of air. But if you tend to over fill with air as a default habit, it might make things quite uncomfortable and making everything in your singing harder.

"Sing from Your Diaphragm!"

Oh no, this term again! When will it die? I was told this same phrase when I first started singing, Be assured, if you aren’t singing from your diaphragm, you’re dead. You can’t breathe in or out without using the diaphragm.

So even saying “sing from your diaphragm” is like saying “breathe with your lungs”. You can’t choose to breathe with or without your lungs, so you’re left to create a meaning out of the term or hope that the teacher will find some other way to help you understand whatever on earth they are talking about.

Here is what “singing from the diaphragm” sometimes (depending who you talk to) means: sing so that you do not feel that you are controlling the flow of air by tightening your throat, but instead using several muscles all the way from the bottom of your pelvis to the bottom of the chest and upper back. How do you know if you’re doing that?

You need feedback. You need to be able to send a video or audio of yourself singing and have a teacher who can point out your unique habits that make it tough to last  on long notes. A teacher that has worked with hundreds of students easily sing those loooong notes in their song. Not just that though, someone who knows exactly what you’re going through...

Oh Yes, I've been there...

When I first started singing, every note I sung felt like I had to squeeze and push out all of my air. I had no natural talent for singing and no idea how to last on the longer notes in a song. I actually spent YEARS singing this way.

What I needed was for someone to say “hey, this is exactly how you are losing air when you sing, this is EXACTLY what you can move to make that easier, and this is how you can tell you’re on the right track, and all of this will feel less effortful and more comfortable”.

This is why I created the course. I listened to and practiced the myths or rather vague instructions like "project" "support" for YEARS and singing felt like I was fighting my voice, all the time.

When I went to college, the "experts" had no idea how to help. So searched far and wide through all the voice faculty in my college, spent hours and hours pouring over books, working with teachers and methods all over the world spending thousands of dollars and hours of time to get a clear, concrete "this-is-what-you-move-and-how" instructions so that I could sing loooong notes without running out of air and without pushing or forcing or fighting with my voice.

When I found what worked, I shared it! I taught it! Then I quickly realized: EVEN IF you have the techniques that work, each person is a special snowflake. That means that to find the right breathing technique, you have to first sense what your actual breathing technique looks like right now. Do you overfill with air taking in too much air? Do you underfill with air and go through half a song without even inhaling? How do you notice all these things in your singing WHILE your singing?!

So in addition to helping you breath better for singing so you last through your phrases, you also be able to actually tell WHAT you're doing with your breathing when you sing, so you get more clarity on exactly what you need to get better as a singer. 

Not sure if you can become a better singer? Here's what students have to say...

Si W. 

Dell Product Manager

Before I met Chris I was skeptical that I could even become a better singer.

I can honestly say that I have noticed significant improvement in my singing...


Research Librarian

An adventure in personal discovery and development.

“Working with Chris is and adventure in personal discovery and development. As a retired research librarian I had to asky myself why.

Jordan G 

I'm already seeing improvements in voice after two months!

Chris is an awesome teacher! He is super kind and super funny. I have no previous experience and I already see significant improvement in my vocal skills!

The Sing All Note Long  Course

Sing away without taking your breath away

This Course Price Will Only Go Up, (Up to $97) 

Order Now for Just $27 

What is the Sing All Note Long  Course? 

The sing on air course is a comprehensive video course that helps you skip endless hours of research through all the various techniques, teachers and perspectives out there when it comes to breathing technique for singing and synthesizes all those techniques into straight-forward, bite-sized videos, PDFs and one-on-one feedback that helps you get quick, concrete, undeniable results.

Is the Sing All Note Long Course for me?

The Sing All Note Long course is for you if you are a beginning or an intermediate singer to help you sing your songs without running out of air, becoming breathless or hyperventilating and/or straining your voice when you sing.

If you don't know where to start with singing, this is the place to start IF you can already sing in reliably in tune.
If you have been singing for a few years and you feel like you (literally) need a breath of fresh air with your voice and how you use it, this course is for you.

The Sing All Note Long Course is For You If:

The Sing All Note Long course is for you if you are a beginning or an intermediate singer to help you sing your songs without running out of air, becoming breathless or hyperventilating and/or straining your voice when you sing.

If you don't know where to start with singing, this is the place to start IF you can already sing in reliably in tune.

If you have been singing for a few years and you feel like you (literally) need a breath of fresh air with your voice and how you use it, this course is for you.

The Sing All Note Long Course is NOT for You If: 

You don't know if you can sing in tune or when you are out of tune (you'll want to have a clear idea of this skill and where you are at with this skill before taking this course)

You never run out of air when you sing.

You almost never sing breathy by accident.

You don't run into vocal fatigue when you sing for long periods of time. 

Am I too old to sing or get better? 

Are you 90 years young? You are never “too old” to sing or get better! You can, however, be too young. There are major design changes I would have to make for this course to work with children, so I don’t recommend anyone take this course younger than 13 years old. I’ve see a lot of success with all other ages :)

How long are the videos?

Each video is no more than 30min long (usually 10-15min) and comes with a bonus of sample practice schedules that will make it easy to choose YOUR timeline and goals.

What If I don’t do the exercises right though? 

 The video exercises in the course train you to better sense your own breathing, so you’ll be at a better place from that point onward to sense your own improvement!

I’ve taken lessons in the past and have done online courses before without success, will this still work for me?

Assuming you put in the practice, you WILL improve. That's because in the videos you will get ways to tell what exactly you are doing with your air! 

How’s it gonna feel, to finally sing AND really, actually breathe? 

For breathy/out of air singers:

You're going to come away with this course having a lot more confidence and feeling much more solid in your singing technique. You'll feel and hear how your voice is less breathy, stronger and more stable. You'll feel assured that you'll know what to do if you miss an inhale before that loooong note. 

For singers who feel like they have to fight with their voice to sing:

You'll feel like you can let go, breathe easy and relax into better singing technique. You'll better notice when your stopping or pushing too much air (which ends up translating into too much effort) and feel 

Enjoy singing, without straining

Experience how much easier it is to sing when you last through your phrases and finally understand what exactly you do for that to happen. 

Feel more confident when you perform…you’ll have air!

Nothing takes away your confidence like running out of air mid-note when performing, this course will give you that edge.

Accomplish a New Milestone in Your Singing

The concrete exercises and before & after recordings you’ll make will help you get a clear sense of accomplishment in your singing.

Sing Beautifully

Singing more beautifully is always connected to how you breathe. So let’s breathe better!

No Fluff Here, Just What Actually Works 

Kirby A.  

Chris cuts away the clutter and identifies the techniques that will really improve your singing quickly

I have watched many, many Youtube videos about singing, and surprisingly never learned key lessons...I have purchased online video lessons, but none that offered feedback. I have learned a lot about singing technique, but found them to be complex and it's hard to distinguish the key areas. Also, I find these courses cause me to spend a lot of time watching videos and not much time actually singing. Chris cuts away the clutter and identifies the techniques that will really improve your singing quickly. I have watched many, many Youtube videos about singing, and surprisingly never learned key lessons such as "Steady Mouth Shape and Vowel for a Steady Pitch". The last thing I want to do is sing endless scales and sing "nee, nee, nee, nah, nah, nah" and so on, when I'm not even sure of the benefits. I like that Chris focuses on the key skills needed to improve singing, and doesn't get "lost in the weeds." 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up:

When you sign up, you'll get instant access to over 25 videos + PDF Guides +Audio Tracks  for easy reference when you practice. This course is set-up for you to go at your own pace. You can move through the entire course in a month, but the exercises are relevant for life. That means you'll revisit them time and time again to find balance, power and freedom in your singing while you can discover more and more  benefits in your singing over your lifetime. 

25+ Easy Breathing Video Lessons

Each short and easy-to-follow video gives you concrete exercises to work with and demonstrations.

Car-Practice Ready Audio Tracks

You'll get the breathing exercises in audio format so you can practice on the go. Not only do these exercises help your singing, but because they also use the benefits of breath work, they can calm and center you before performing! 

The Guide to Consistency  

Not sure if you’ll stick with it? I got you covered! You’ll also receive the Guide to Consistency, a 5min a day guide to quickly get consistent practice into your life. 

See What Students Have to Say About Your Course Teacher...

Lynne R.  

Medical Industry 

I've had 3 singing instructors and the others don't even come close to Chris. 

Chris is very positive, wonderfully encouraging, truly-genuinely loves music, and sharing his skills with others so they can enjoy music! I've had 3 singing instructors and the others don't even come close to Chris, his techniques, his depth of knowledge, and kindness.  He's the best!!

Andi S. 

College Student in Library Science

Simple, Concrete Explanations I Can Apply Right Away 

As someone with only a small amount of vocal training and knowledge, I needed an experience that would cater to my current skill-level and encourage me to move forward. Chris offered me simple, concrete explanations of how the voice works and why we implement certain singing exercises – this reveals the relative simplicity in applying certain vocal techniques. Most importantly, he gave me real recommendations that I could start applying immediately!

Glenn R

Public School Teacher

I Have Gone Into Rehearsals Feeling Much More Confident Than I Used To…

Chris is great to work with.  Chris has a breadth of knowledge to support a wide range of singing styles. He focuses on fundamentals and breathing, finding your own voice and style, and also on the technical differences that make each style unique. I would recommend Chris for singers of all levels of experience.  Chris has helped me work on rehearsal pieces and I have gone into rehearsals feeling much more confident than I used to.

Here's what’s in the Sing All Note Long Course 


Module 1: The Exhale & 3 Ways to Last Through a Phrase 

There are THOUSANDS of exercises for the exhale out there, where do you start!?  In this module, we break down them down to just 3 main ways. 

The same exact exhale technique and exercise can be AMAZING for one singer and not helpful at all for another! So in this module, we cover the exhale from completely different angles like "The Hold",  "The Float", "The Slow Release" and more so you can better sense which exhales are helpful vs unhelpful for you. 


Module 2: A Breath of Fresh Air  
All About the Inhale 

Is your inhale shallow and tight? Not sure how to breathe in with ease? Not sure how to breathe in between those short moments between phrases? This module is for you! We cover "The Deep Inhale Reflex" and "The Deep Active Inhale" which are lessons that you help you breathe in deeply without even trying, and breathe in fully.


Module 3: Let’s Get Some Breathing Room
Where Do We Breathe and How Much? 

Where do we breathe for singing? Into the belly? the back? How much air do we need for singing? How can we breathe better between phrases? 


Module 4: Singing on Air
How Your Voice Turns Air into Those EPIC Long Notes 

In this module, we'll take a look at how our voice turns air into sound and how it can help us last through phrases, sing less breathy, reduce tension in our singing and feel more clearly what's happening when we sing.


Bonus Sessions and Features 

Bonus 1
Webinar:  How to Discover Beautiful Sounds in Your Voice

Think your voice will always sound like it does? Think again: did you know that many singers actually know exactly how to move muscles in their mouth and throat to discover new sounds? When you sign up for the course, you'll get access to a special bonus video lesson on ways to design your own vocal sound. 

Bonus 2
The Jumpstart Your Singing Kit 

When you sign up for the course, you’ll receive the Jumpstart Your Singing Kit. Which includes over $45 worth of vocal exercises and sheet music in several different ranges so that you'll be able to find an easy range for you!

Bonus 3
The Find Your Range Guide 

When you sign up for the course, you’ll receive the Find Your Range vocal exercise set ($15 dollar value) with a video tutorial so you can quickly find your range instead of getting lost all over the internet try to Frankenstein a way. 

The Sing All Note Long  Course

Sing away without taking your breath away

Enroll for $97 

Order Now for a Limited Time:  $27

About The Course Teacher,
Chris Abdo 

Chris Abdo went from not being able to match a single pitch (often referred to as 'tone deaf') to winning a state competition in high school, obtaining a degree in voice, and working with teachers that span the singing world...from Metropolitan Opera stars, to Juilliard graduates, to researchers in the field of voice science. 

What he discovered along the way was that many teachers had talent first, skill second. Because Chris had to learn byskill first, he was able to fill in the gaps from the absolute beginner singer to the good (or even professional) singer. Helping hundreds of students succeed at singing no matter where they start from, Chris can confidently say "of course you can learn to sing!". 

That wasn't the end of the story though. What about when you're stuck? When you have the right exercises but don't seem to know how to do them correctly? This burning question launched a 15-year journey to better understand how singing is a movement, how movements are habits and how we can see past the movement habits that blind us and limit us in our singing. This inspired Chris to create the Breathing for Singing Course. The course not only has a bird's eye view of the main techniques out there that are helpful for breathing, but also helps YOU sense your own unique vocal and breathing habits more clearly. 

Here's What You Get  

25+ Video Lessons

 The Guide to Consistency 

Car-Practice Tracks 

The Jumpstart Your Singing Kit 

The Find Your Range Guide 

Webinar: How to Discover the Beautiful Sounds in Your Voice 

Enroll for $97 

Order Now for $27

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