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Can you really learn to play a song on piano without endless hours of practice? Here's the truth. 

Welp, that depends. First: do you know how to type on a computer keyboard? There are over 100 buttons on the computer keyboard! What about piano? How many keys would you need to know and play to play a song? 1000 keys? 88 keys? Nope. The MAX you would need to learn to play a song by say, Adele, would be...drumroll please...TWELVE. Twelve buttons. Yes, you heard that right. If you can type on a keyboard with 100+ keys,  you can play a basic song on piano that only requires twelve. And it'll be way more fun than typing. 

Are you too old to learn? 

Welp, that also depends. As long as you can see and type, you can play the piano. But maybe not clarinet. Let me explain: I had my first clarinet lesson, where I had to hold my mouth in this super tight and awkward position, then hold down what felt like 8 different buttons, then push out all this air to achieve one sad, bad sounding note.  Although I was only 15 years old, I said to myself: "I'm just too old for this long and horrible process". 

Meanwhile, I went home and with the simplicity of pressing a button, could play a sound on piano. Yay! 

Will it be boring? 

Typical piano lessons? Yes quite boring. This class is different because we do the opposite of boring: we create variations in how we play on day one. Even just playing 3 notes can be played in all kinds of ways: sadly, quickly, loudly, softly. You'll start applying creativity right away, instead of toiling away on some boring exercise. 

Carmen C.  
I've enjoyed learning the keys! 

I’ve always loved the piano, and I'm glad I am able to take lessons. as an adult! I did think I was maybe too old to learn, but Chris is very calming and patient with me and I appreciate that, I've enjoyed learning the keys and look forward to my piano class every week!"

Lindsay L.
The lesson kept my interest!

“I was afraid I was ‘too old’ to become skilled at piano, like, I had my chance at learning as a teenager but quit. Instead, the piano class was in an easy and comfortable setting, the lesson kept my interest and I’m excited to see where this takes me!”

What Attendees Have to Say About the Adult Beginner Piano Class 

Patrick U.
Pleasantly surprised that I was immediately able to start playing piano!
“I expected that I would first have to listen to an introduction lecture, but was pleasantly surprised that I was immediately able to start paying piano! 

ana O. 
"I felt like I was in the right environment to begin learning."

"Knowing this specific class with you was for adults on my level was a big relief and helped me have more courage to finally take my first piano class! It was fun, I liked that it was informative but not very strict/serious, with lots of time for playing around and experimenting so learning piano doesn't lose creativity in the process. Just seeing the other students having fun and being beginners like me helped me relax as I felt like I was in the right environment to begin learning." 

sonia T. 
I most enjoyed learning at my own pace!

I was expecting to be really confused at first, but surprisingly it makes sense! I most enjoyed learning at my own pace while having instruction, getting to practice on my own, in class, with book and piano!

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